Ferrari California T - Even better under pressure

The curves smile at you in the deep Rosso California. The heartbeat accelerates, this form of emotion only exists when you are prepared to drive a Ferrari. Not on the racetrack, not in noble Monaco. Here - in the Taunus - out of the banking city of Frankfurt, into the curvy temptation towards the “high Feldberg”.

The California is the “always there” Ferrari. The Ferrari for every day. He competes with noble athletes from Stuttgart. Not a wild horse for a day, an “urban” getting up every day. The starting point can only be Mainhattan, the goal is clear: wild curve radii in the Taunus.

Ferrari California T

Passion, pressure and open air

The bit of stop & go traffic from Frankfurt seeps away in the Italian's “comfort mode”. Uneven alleys? The California cushions casually. City traffic? Go. Very cool, calm and supposedly girlish. Magnetic-Ride dampers offer smooth rolling at athlete level. It is an almost undue ride comfort that the “T” brags about after its lift. The “little” Ferrari has always been sexy, now it is also incredibly good. Also under the hood is the first turbo engine for Ferraristi - well, the first turbo for Ferraristi in everyday life. The Italians already had turbo. But now, in modern times. Now this is the first, real, not to be underestimated turbo. In the past, with the F40, it was more crude. Really rough. Turbo is different in the new California T. Nothing more with a second of commemoration, nothing more with a turbo-hole and a torque hammer that will swing you to your driving limits in the blink of an eye. Instead, the feeling on the pedal rules. Opening up a simple equation: the more pressure, the more pressure. And a little more in each aisle. Only in wave seven does the full package of 755 Nm hammer in over the rear axle.

Test drive 32 Ferrari California T

On the A661 towards Bad Homburg. For the first time the hammer falls. The dual clutch transmission acts as Dr. Merciless and carpenters the corridors through the housing that you get goose bumps on guard. The 180 ° V8 sound blows its Italian hymn of praise. Despite the turbos, the four tailpipes hiss grumpily to blissfully. The 3.9 V8 really gets the march blown by the two turbos. From whimpering to bluffing up hissing and roaring. 560 PS and no tangible turbo lag!

Testdrive65 Ferrari California T habby

Flat-plane crankshaft, long-stroke 3.9 V8, TwinScroll charger. The whole package is neatly housed behind the front axle. 47% are in front, 53% of the weight behind. Good for the sporty pace. With the erotic side effect of the long bonnet. And if you wish, you can drive it open within seconds.

Testdrive16 Ferrari California T habby

Per you with 755 Nm

The Italian sports tires brace themselves with all their might against the foaming fury of 610 Nm in the lower gears (1-3). The Italian shrugs, 1.625 kg think briefly about the inertia and then the “topless Ferrari” crashes towards the horizon. At the moment of switching, when the forces should actually be executed without interruption, your head dangles through the cockpit like the wooden murmur of a doll head that is too loosely sutured, because now the Manettino is not on “Comfort”, but on sport. With effort, the traction electronics balance you on the verge of loss of grip and the Rosso California draws a dark red lash line to the rest of the world.

When you can breathe deeply for the first time, the speedometer has already approached the 300 km / h mark. 316 go, say the Italians, the traffic from Frankfurt only allowed 307 km / h. The background noise is breathtakingly good, despite the turbos. Now, at 260 km / h, the turbos press cubic meters of air into the combustion chambers. The “lust” Ferrari is already clear. Aware of what Rosso California triggers in the stomach.

Testdrive54 Ferrari California T habby

And we just drove straight ahead.

At the end of the autobahn, it's just another kilometer. In the downhill circle you finally feel what it means to have to trust a well-warmed sports tire. The front axle jumps into the curve that an “oh so entry-level Ferrari” can be thrown so easily into the bend, frightened. Command: full throttle. The command is carried out completely without a boost pressure break. The curves become more angular, the road narrower. Now the synapses and the casual Italo roadster have to speak the same language.

What was in the press folder? New Magna-Ride dampers? Do 50% react faster than before? F1 Trac Tractisons Control? The big cutlery of the Italian traction experts. And a carbon-ceramic system that can brake the wild stallion within 34 meters from Tempo 100?

What were we thinking? The California is just a “women’s Ferrari”. Not a real Ferrari because of the front engine and even 2 + 2 seats. And then this roof. Snap, bang, open within seconds. That can't be for “men”. A toy. More so chic. And absolutely not on par with the other wild animals of the Ferraristi? Now? Above all, it is more of everything. More performance, more pressure, more passion. Of course you can't do the whole thing with this inimitable theatricality Ferrari Speciale 458 to compare. But the new California T is simply incredibly good. Wonderfully composed. A symphony for every day.

Test drive 43 Ferrari California T

A car to enjoy everyday life. You should enjoy it. Have a lesson taught to you. Understand that a Ferrari doesn't become a housewife's car just because the engine is in the front and the roof is down. The talk that all Ferrari used to be much more Ferrari, smile at it.

In the evening, after hours of glowing on the Feldberg, you can go back to town happy and enjoyable. Heads will turn around again - nobody will think: He's driving his wife's car. Nobody, because the new “California T” is what it says: A real Ferrari. 


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