News: Ferrari V12 the new generation - Without Turbo, but with electric boost

As a Ferrari The naturally aspirated 488 GTB mid-engine sports car with a V8 biturbo engine sighed. The British magazine "Autocar" is now dispelling fears that the V12 units from Maranello will also be artificially ventilated in the future. The magazine quotes a source close to the company with the words: "Our V12 will not be available with turbos." Instead, one can expect 48-volt systems in the coming generations.

In order to reduce standard consumption and achieve global emissions targets, the noble manufacturers also have to come up with something - for example the use of a turbocharger. In contrast, naturally aspirated fans prefer the immediate responsiveness of a non-ventilated, i.e. freely suctioning unit. A 48-volt hybrid system can optimize fuel consumption as well as provide additional thrust when starting and accelerating. Suppliers like Bosch already have such systems in their product portfolio.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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