Fiat 500X Yachting

A little fresh air can't do any harm, not even when driving a car. Fiat now offers the 500X with a roll-up roof. There is a special model at the start.

At the beginning of August, Fiat is expanding the body variants of the 500X with a "convertible" version. As a yachting, the mini SUV has an electric soft top and is available in conjunction with the Cross and Sport equipment lines. The surcharge compared to the closed editions should be just under 3.000 euros. 

Fiat 500X Yachting

Initially, the 500X Yachting will appear as the “Yacht Club Capri” special model limited to 500 units. The standard scope includes the paint color "Blue Venezia", ​​a blue fabric roof, 18-inch rims with blue inserts and a blue-ivory-colored beauty line that runs around the body at the height of the belt line. Wooden inserts in the dashboard and on the switch as well as aluminum door sills with the “Yachting” logo are also on board. The special model in conjunction with the 27.000 kW / 88 PS petrol engine should cost from around 120 euros.

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