First ride: The new FIAT Doblo

Can pack! Fiat's practical dual leadership.

There are forms that cannot be improved. Practical cars, for example. Sleek shapes are taboo. Sporty design? Check off. Steep windows, a high roof and an equally steep rear end. If you really want to be practical, you have to put your sheet metal angles in the wind. Fiat has such a “practical box” in its range. Anyone who, as a father of the family, values ​​pragmatism rather than lifestyle, takes a walk with the new Doblo, which is a medium-sized space miracle.

And because inner values ​​are also important in professional life, FIAT offers the Doblo in a “double” version. Cargo van or family van, the Doblo remains true to itself and its talents even in the third generation.

Facelift for advanced users

The new Doblo got a friendly face. So much fun can be with all seriousness on the subject of the “most practical” family high-roof van. And just because he looks almost happy now, the character doesn't have to be effeminate.

He put something away

Up to 4.000 liters of cargo space or seven seats. The Fiat Doblo doubles as the cargo handling master and, thanks to the two wheelbase variants, can be perfectly tailored to your own needs. And those who neither choose the large cargo space nor want to take the children of the neighborhood with them to soccer training with up to seven seats may be interested in the flat bed version of the practical Italian. Then the Fiat Doblo will finally become the loadmaster.

During an initial test drive around the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt, we put the van with five seats, a short wheelbase and a powerful 135 hp multijet diesel to the test. After the facelift, the cockpit now looks more valuable, although its origins in the field of “commercial vehicles” cannot be concealed. But that's what it was all about. It should be practical, not a diva. A reliable partner for everyday life. The numerous shelves, the upright seating position and, above all, the good sense of space in the new Doblo help here.

The FIAT Uconnect system really suits Doblo's claim of being a family friend, but also a bit of a leisure hero. The somewhat rugged basic attitude of family vans with a business background is pushed into the background with the sophisticated touchscreen multimedia and navigation system. The cell phone, which has disappeared into one of the large storage compartments, can be connected to the Uconnect system via Bluetooth, and then the kids can look forward to the latest audio books in the car.

Thanks to the steep and large windows, the all-round view is extremely good. If you still feel more comfortable with electric helpers, you can also get a park beeper for an extra charge.

The key is to deliver. The large tailgate can be exchanged for two wing doors at an additional cost. Then the cargo variant in particular can be perfectly loaded with a forklift. The Cargo Doblo becomes a load carrier the size of a city runabout, which can take up to a ton of payload.

The Bi-Link rear axle ensures a binding driving experience. However, in the cargo variants, of course, you have to cut back on noise insulation. The van, on the other hand, was able to convince with a decent soundscape. Of course you can hear the wind whistling around the steep A-pillars on the highway, but the level is always bearable.

Fiat Doblo test drive

With the two wheelbase variants, the Doblo is between 4.40 and 4.75 meters long. The large box body brings it to the proud height of 1.89 meters, making it so high that even adults can comfortably stand under the tailgate.

The engine range starts with the 95 hp 1.4 liter petrol engine, goes up to the 1.4 liter turbo petrol engine with 120 hp and is then also available in the bivalent natural gas version. For the diesel engines, the program starts with the 90 hp 1.6 liter MultiJet (start & stop included) and goes through the 105 hp 1.6 liter to the 2.0 liter MultiJet with 135 hp.

Prices start at € 17.600 in the POP version of the short Fiat Doblo with the 95 hp petrol engine. If you find the long Doblo more interesting, you have to use a diesel engine and start with the upscale lounge equipment and only start at € 23.950.

The natural gas version, which is definitely interesting for families and infrequent drivers, is unfortunately not available in the long wheelbase version. With the cargo variants, the selection is a little more complicated, hence the Link to the Fiat website (click).

The new FIAT Doblo is already available from the FIAT dealer!




Photos: Fiat Presse / Bjoern Habegger

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