Slightly higher than usual - the new Fiat Tipo "Cross"

Fiat opted for its compact model, the Typeto come up with a little refresher. But that's not all, because the new Tipo will also be available in 2021 as a “Cross” model with a new body variant. The fans have the choice between the new and the well-known sedan, station wagon and five-door models. What actually makes the "Cross" so attractive?

All things new

What about the new Fiat Type What immediately catches the eye is the stylishly designed radiator grille, the new model also has larger wheels and the suspension of the wheels has changed. It was pushed up by four centimeters, which also lifts the body. The fenders are wider, the side skirts and underbody protection are even more striking and immediately catch the eye. In terms of price, the Tipo can also be seen in the "Cross" version.

Many extras

The logo is also new and when the Fiat Tipo comes onto the market as a “Cross” next year, it will have LED headlights and a digital instrument cluster inside. The operation of the air conditioning was also renewed by the Italians and there is a larger equipment with an assistant ex works. He can recognize the traffic signs and is a helper when it comes to the dangerous blind spot. Fiat also donated an adapted high beam. In addition to a 1,0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 100 hp, there is also a 1,3-liter diesel that produces 90 hp. If you want to travel faster, you should choose the 1,6-liter diesel with a 130 hp engine.

What should the Tipo cost?

Anyone looking for a cheap Fiat Tipo model should opt for the five-door model, which according to the list is available for 17.000 euros. The station wagon is a good 1500 euros more expensive and the new "Cross" variant is offered for around 20.000 euros, according to the list. Even more extras are of course possible at any time for an additional charge.

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