Fiat 500 L - casual family-friendly mini van from Italy

The Fiat 500, which brings Italian flair to Germany's roads, is a real lifestyle vehicle and is very popular. More than 800.000 units have been sold since it was launched in 2007 and success continues. For those who need more space, there is now the 500L. The new Italian from Turin is not a larger 500, but a small mini-van based on the extended Fiat Punto platform.

From the space hardly beatable

With the 4,14 meter long and 1,78 wide vehicle, there is with the Fiat 500L now a casual, small van, which is particularly suitable as a clever everyday car for mothers with children. More length, width and height create a more generous amount of space and with it the 500L depends on many of its competitors like the Ford B-Max. Getting started is also easier thanks to the very wide and high-cut rear doors in the Fiat. The seats are comfortable and the large, steep front window and the forked A-pillars with small windows increase the all-round view in the vehicle. The interior of the Fiat 500 L is very modern. And above all, its practical variability is convincing. The back seat can be moved forward by 15 centimeters and even then there is still enough leg room for adults. The rear seats can be folded down asymmetrically and even the inclination of the backrests can vary. When the rear seats are pushed forward, the standard volume of the Fiat 500L increases from 343 to 400 liters. The Ford B-Max, on the other hand, only offers 304 liters, which is not enough for everyday family life. And also in comparison to the Mini, the 500L is ahead in terms of space as soon as the rear seats are folded over and folded forward. The additional space underneath the mezzanine with a level through-loading facility brings a total volume of 1.310 liters, while the Mini only offers 1.170 liters.

Auch der  ADAC test praises the 500L for its generous space, the practical trunk and that it can be optionally equipped with a city emergency brake assistant. The high consumption is criticized despite weak engine, the large turning circle and that the third headrest in the rear and the knee airbag are only to have an additional cost.

Four engine variants and numerous paint and equipment options

As engine variants there are currently two gasoline engines with 0,9-1,4 liters (70-77 kW) as well as two diesel with 1,3-1,6 liters (62-77 kW) available. As standard fuel consumption, Fiat indicates 4,8 liters on 100 kilometers. Despite a six-speed manual transmission, this is unrealistic, especially when the car is loaded with several people and luggage. One can rather go out of 6,2 liters, the Fiat for the 95 PS strong 1.4 four-cylinder engine indicates.

As with the Fiat 500, the 500L also has an unusually wide range of customization options. With 333 color combination options for roof, body and rims and more than 100 accessories, the Italian can be equipped individually according to "taste".

At the base model of the Fiat 500L Must be priced around 16.000 Euro be counted. As an option, there is an optional even an espresso machine, which was developed in collaboration with Lavazza. It is about the size of a thermos, is put into a special docking station and brews Italian coffee on the way. A nice gag for relaxation for stressed mothers and fathers.


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