FIAT 500 TwinAir - The short driving report

I've gotten used to a lot of things - that small cars only need three cylinders, for example. And of course with the accompanying noise and the lack of concentricity. Ropptopptopp - The sound of a three-cylinder engine is more than just getting used to.

But just as I had come to terms with it, the Italian car manufacturer FIAT came around with a solution that even dispensed with the number three cylinder.

So now only as many cylinders as an average motorcycle. If that works out? The "short driving report" promises clarification

FIAT 500 TwinAir in a “short” driving report

Retro is the name of this type of model that is supposed to relate to a predecessor. MINI did it, Volkswagen did it with the Beetle and basically does it again and again with the Golf and also FIAT. The automotive history of the Turins certainly allows the reissue of iconic automobiles. In the case of the cute Fiat 500, however, it quickly becomes apparent that it has grown up.

Style in Milan's streets
Child's face and round hump; this would describe the basic design of the Fiat 500. I find the homage to the original 500 especially nice in the form of the slightly curved bonnet finish. The test subject came with winter tires on the black 16-inch rims and thanks to its rather unusual winter tire size in the 45 section, the 500 painted in the strong "Passione Red" looked almost sporty jagged.

FIAT 500 driving report


Technical data:

  • 2-cyl. Turbo petrol engine
  • 875 ccm³
  • from 85 HP
  • 145 Nm
  • 11s v. 0-100 km / h
  • 173 km / h V-Max
  • 1020 kg empty weight


  • Norm: 4l / 100km
  • Test Min: 5.8l / 100km
  • Test Max: 8,3l / 100km


  • 5 airbags series
  • Climate in series
  • Radio in series

Sales 14.900 €

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Blue & Me and eco: Drive
The goal is clear, CO2 should be saved. FIAT is following an interesting path that I would personally like to see from more manufacturers. There is a USB socket in the center console between the two seats. With a USB stick previously prepared on your own PC, you can then analyze your own driving habits and personal driving style.

This part of the Blue & Me equipment is called “eco: Drive”. FIAT is going an extremely modern way and I like the graphic implementation of the entire idea as soon as you take your USB stick out of the car and then read it on the PC. FIAT created its own "eco: Drive" online community for this purpose.

Blue & Me is also the FIAT synonym for mobile communication in the car. You can operate the smartphone connected via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music without taking your hands off the steering wheel. At the same time, Blue & Me is also mobile navigation. Together with the navigation partner "TomTom", FIAT Blue & Me drivers can operate the navigation system in their vehicle.

Less convincing in this context:

The integration of the external TomTom navigation device in the FIAT 500. Basically well thought out, the implementation with the modular holding system is a little awkward. It wobbles and creaks and the navigation system moves far too much in its holder.

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FIAT 500 Twinair side view

TwinAir with bums

Isn't two cylinders two too few? I deliberately wanted to drive the 500 he Fiat because of exactly this engine. Two cylinders - that's how I thought it would be - the moped gang at the bus stop laughing at our place.

But - they don't have much time.

The double wop storms out of the village, hammering angrily. But first you have to overcome the turbo lag and not let the bumpy run out of your way. Thanks to a turbocharger, this cute two-cylinder engine with only 875 cubic centimeters delivers impressive 85 PS with impressive 145 Nm torque.

Once you've got used to the jittery sound of the two-cylinder, its cheeky sound encourages frequent acceleration maneuvers. The desire for torque between 2.000 and 4.000 revolutions is too tempting. However - here the criticism is already beginning - the really usable speed band is extremely clear. The music plays between 1.800 and 5.200 - that reminds a little of turbodiesel engines and not of petrol engines.

Save for Catholics

Those who want to achieve the fabulous standard fuel consumption of 500 liters with the TwinAir Fiat 4,1, not only have to press the "Eco" button, they should also have taken an advanced course of the Catholic Church in terms of "self-mortification". Too tempting the roaring sound of the TwinAir, too entertaining the Drehoment hill of the small two-cylinder. As an atheist, I managed 6.2 liters on 100 kilometers on average and "I think", there is hardly less - you do not want to spoil the fun on the lively Fiat 500.

Chassis pleasures for Via Roma
The 3.5 meter long 500 stood for the test drive on crunchy 195 he winter tires from my blog partner Pirelli, With the 45 tire cross-section and the black-painted 16 inch rims, the red Ialiener looked neat and seductive at first glance even for a man like me.

While I found the steering in the city to be too light - others will love it - I disturbed when driving over rural roads, the inaccurate feedback to the middle layer. All the more agile was the cheeky Italian in the city. He belongs there. Carving between the lanes, waving the tight corners of a big city, always mimicking the innocence of the countryside.

Fiat 500 blog post FIAT 500 city car from Italy twinair model



The typical Fiat 500 buyer should be a hip person in his mid-thirties without children, or simply a woman who has given in to the pleading and pushing of the 500 cuddly face.



He looks good. The strong red, the black 16 inch rims and there is already a neat, small car on the alley. The courage to go twinair must be rewarded!



For a “lifestyle small car” I would have wished for more pep and tactile quality, especially in the interior. Only wearing the fur on the outside looks suboptimal.


FIAT 500 Twinair cockpit

At the end...

The FIAT 500 is a little friend for everyday life in the bustle of a big city.


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