Fiat Tipo - Cheap Packages

For his Tipo family Fiat granted by the end of 2016 discounts on the so-called tech packages

Fiat grants an 50 discount for all body types of the Tipo customer until the end of the year on so-called tech packages. This discount goes hand in hand with a price advantage of 375 to 495 euros for the customer.

The scope of tech packages depends on the equipment variant. If you order a Tipo in the basic Pop version, you can upgrade it to 375 Euro with rear park beeper, Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and a leather-look steering wheel with control buttons. For the Easy version, there is a parking beeper and the Uconnect infotainment system for the same price, while the Tipo Lounge for 495 Euro also has a rear-view camera and DAB radio reception in addition to these extras. Regardless of the discount for the Tech packages, the Tipo customer also benefits from a high exchange fee up to 2.260 Euro, which Fiat pays for the old used car. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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