Fiat wants to be successful in the future with two models

Popular and affordable - when the name Fiat is mentioned, these two terms are not far. The world-famous car brand from Turin has already seen some ups and downs, has built unforgettable classics and now wants to start again with two particularly popular models. In 2020 came the "Type"And the" Panda "are back with a refresher and they will accompany Fiat into the new year.

A strategically important step

The equipment and the shape of the "Panda" as well as the "Type“Got freshened up, they got a little facelift. This was so well received that Fiat wants to base itself on just two pillars in the coming year: the Fiat 500 for the functional family and the 500X for the emotional family. Two cars that represent the two different souls of Fiat. Strategically, this step is very clever because it makes the brand even better known. At the same time The Italians are proving that a car for the family does not always have to be an expensive sedan or an equally expensive SUV.

A makeover

Der "Type"And the" Panda "are getting on in years, but are still important members of the Fiat family. They are suitable for every need, they are affordable and practical. All these aspects have led Fiat to the "Type"And the" Panda "have given a complete makeover. In 2018, it looked as if the carmaker from Turin would go completely different ways: Suddenly there was talk of a monoculture and the electric variants of the popular Fiat 500. With the "Giardiniera“A whole new model should come onto the market. This is all yesterday's news.

Still in the program

Of course, Fiat is also moving with the times and bringing the electric 500 onto the market. In addition, the "Panda" will also be available as an electric car. In contrast to other manufacturers, Fiat does not only rely on the electrical division, but also leaves the conventional 500 in the program for some time.

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