First ride: Proven in ice and snow - the Fiat 500X

The little one really big


The big little one, a successful crossover?

With the 500X FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) wants to open up completely new customer shifts and presents the latest development stage of a vehicle concept, which has gained steadily in importance in recent years. If the sold units of small sports utility vehicles or even crossover 2012 in Germany are still around 57.000 units, the number in 2015 should increase by well 100.000. FCA wants to grow here together with the competitors Mini, Renault and Opel together. In Germany, the 500X is priced from 16.950 Euro.

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The 500X joins the FCA family as a crossover. Together with the 500 and the 500L different customer requirements are addressed. From the more theoretical focus on the striking off-road look for city adventurers on the freedom to occasionally even off the beaten track to drive up to demanding terrain use.

With the "City-Look", the first of two offered equipment lines, a new buyer in the small SUV sector is to be won. This "look" should emphasize driving in urban traffic. The high seating position gives a secure feeling and the trunk, which holds 350 to 1000 liters, does not allow the purchased clothes to be sent out of the boutique afterwards.

The second equipment line, the "off-road look", underlines that the 500X can also be "different". In the two equipment variants Cross and Cross Plus, he has additional elements to indicate his skills in the field. These include specific bumpers and underrun protection front and rear. For extreme requirements, both variants are prepared by slope angles of 21,3 degrees front or 30,1 degrees at the back and the ramp angle of 22,3 degrees.

Precisely because of its compact dimensions - body length 4.273 millimeters, width 2.025 mm, height 1.620 mm - the five-door 500X always offers surprisingly comfortable space in the interior. Five people have very comfortable space here.

The highlight of all versions of the 500X is the Fiat Mood Selecto with the electronic limited-slip differential Traction +, with which the engine control, response behavior of the brakes, steering and the mode of operation of the automatic transmission can be adapted to the traffic and road conditions. Three levels are available: "Auto" for the optimal compromise between comfort, fuel consumption and CO2Emissions, "sport" for high-performance driving and "all-weather" for maximum safety in difficult road conditions.

In vehicles with all-wheel drive, the “All-Weather” mode has been replaced by the “Traction” function. In the model variants with four-wheel drive, this accelerates the transmission of torque to the rear axle. If the 500X has front-wheel drive, the Traction + drive slip system is activated in "Traction" mode. This acts like an electronically controlled limited slip differential and improves handling on uneven or slippery roads.

This washed-out frontier worker, who can be equipped with both a classic front-wheel drive as well as with a four-wheel drive, keeps nothing off the beaten track so fast.

A real climber
A real climber

When driving on a snowy driveway to the first station of a ski area, we are amazed. In the morning when the ground is icy and in the afternoon when the sun has already thawed the snow, the 500X climbs the route effortlessly. With both the manual transmission and the nine-speed automatic, the driver is well equipped for the terrain. First gear has a comparatively low ratio in order to optimize the terrain, which not only makes starting off on steep slopes much easier. In addition, it has almost the advantages of a gear reduction and enables driving at walking speed without a slipping clutch. With the automatic transmission, you should of course switch to manual mode and the first stage.

There are five engines to choose from, all of which meet the Euro 6 standard. The 1.6 E-torq petrol engine delivers 82 kW (110 hp) at 5.500 revs and provides a maximum torque of 152 Newton meters at 4.500 rpm. This petrol engine is supplied as a starter motor with a 1-speed manual transmission. The E-torq is complemented by the 5 Mulitjet with 1.4 kW (103 hp) and a 140-speed manual transmission - according to the FCA, the best-selling engine, which according to the manufacturer 6 liters with CO6,0 emissions of 2 grams per kilometer should.

The 1.3 Multijet with 71 kW (95 PS) and a 5-speed manual transmission is the entry-level diesel engine. The small diesel is supported by the 1.6 Multijet 88 kW (120 PS) and the most powerful turbodiesel. If the 1.6 Diesel is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, the 2.0 Diesel (and 1.4 MultiAir Turbo) also has a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The 500X is the brand's first model to be offered with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The new power transmission balances both the 125 kW (170 PS) petrol 1.4 MultiAir Turbo and the 103 kW (140 PS) turbodiesel 2.0 16V MultiJet very well. Fast gear changes and smooth power delivery are just two of the numerous advantages that the automatic transmission offers. In addition, the driver has the option of changing gears manually using sequential manual transmission.

The standard equipment on the rear axle includes an independent suspension according to the McPherson system. So the Fiat 500X can ensure the optimal balance of very good handling and high comfort. In order to provide all occupants with the highest possible protection in the event of an emergency, great importance was attached to the latest findings in active and passive safety during the design process

Fully equiped
Fully equiped

All vehicles also feature six airbags as standard (two front, side and head airbags each), daytime running lights and electronic driving stability control (ESC). Depending on the equipment, Lane Keeping Assist and Bi-Xenon headlights come as standard. Optionally available are blind spot warning system, reversing camera and collision warning system which helps to avoid collisions even at highway speed.

Priced, the 500X can be seen. The entry level 1.6 E-torq Pop starts at moderate € 16.950. Here the customer gets a sufficiently equipped vehicle. The next higher petrol engine 1.4 Multijet in the version Pop Star is already available from € 21.450. From this base it comes with an extra charge of € 1.000 to the "off-road look" 500X Cross. The top version with the strongest diesel, four-wheel drive and the very comfortable switching nine-speed automatic is available for € 31.450.

At the end...

A proud price, but for this you get a vehicle with high utility, fun and power factor.

Also looks good on the ice track

Fiat 500X 2.0 MultiJet (103 kW) start & stop (manual transmission)

For sale: - Immediately / Official market launch: February 28, 2015
Base Price: € 26.750
Engine performance: 2.0 MultiJet Start & Stop - 103 kW - 140 PS
Drive and transmission: 6-speed manual transmission
Acceleration: 9.8 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 5.5 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 190 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4.273, 1.796 or 1.620 (without exterior mirrors), 2.570 mm

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