News: Fiat 500X - To succeed on all fours

Cross-country skiers do not experience that every day. While they struggled on the beautiful trails of the Leutasch Valley above Innsbruck, the new Fiat 500X moved just a few meters away from them also its tracks. Like the winter athletes, he was also to prove that he can stay in the lane on snow-covered ground, even though pylons set up for slalom wanted to invite him to break away. For the new four-wheel drive version, this was probably a loosening exercise in the last weeks of winter, before it now stands in the shop windows of dealers to be examined closely. At Fiat one suspects that with the X in the name also the men quota of the Frauenschwarms 500 can be increased.

It's also possible to order the latest access to the 500 family with pure front-wheel drive, leaving it, as with many crossovers, out in the open instead of off-road. But like its sister Jeep Renegade, the new Krabbler has real four-wheel drive technology. The Cross version features the traction + traction control system, which has automatic torque distribution that decelerates spinning wheels and directs torque to the better traction wheel. If the drive on all fours is not needed, the moves 500X front-wheel drive ahead. In this top version with a two-liter diesel (and optional nine-speed automatic), however, the potential to be off the beaten track, costs about 31.000 Euro.


But the price shouldn't really matter. The mini SUV segment is growing rapidly. Rivals like Skoda Yeti, Renault Captur or Opel Mokka are bustling around and ensure dream numbers. This year, growth of 2014 percent is expected compared to 35. For example, if 2012 units were sold in 56.867, the number could jump to 2015 in 154.000. By the way, the petrol engines clearly have the edge in the lifestyle with traction with a share of 70 percent.

This is not least because the basic models in the small class without four-wheel drive are usually equipped with gasoline engines. In the case of the Fiat 500X with an 1,6 liter petrol engine, which makes 81 kW / 110 horsepower. This version offers the Italians from 16.950 Euro. The cheapest four-wheel drive version is available from 26.750 Euro. It is powered by a 2,0-liter diesel with 103 kW / 140 PS.

Author: Alexandra Felts / SP-X


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