First test: Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupe

If the most important change is not the elimination of two doors, but the reinvention of a banal component, then you have to worry about the manufacturer - or are we just ready to see everything, experience everything and experience everything?

Driving report: Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupé

A magic swipe

In principle, Mercedes pushes new models onto the market every week. Soon there will be no gap that has not been filled. The classic coupé, however, is more a must than a free choice in the battle for niches. Especially since the traditions of the two doors at Mercedes extend to the blessed dash-8. The W123 and W124 variants of the Mercedes mid-range will not be forgotten. Cars that are still often referred to as the “last real Mercedes” today. For the current Mercedes generation, the next generation in the family is a must. Fortunately, they belong next to the whole SUV-coupe and four-door coupes (not there, but there are!), the classics are still a fixed repertoire and are shaped into dream cars by the design language brought into the Mercedes family by Gordon Wagener. Yes. Flowing lines, without hustle and bustle, classic shapes, but still this hardness characterized by testosterone, it makes the coupe look convincing. Yes, it looks like money. Yes, basically it looks good. But.

Quick-Info: The big tour is calling. There are four of them, but two people are more cheerful. And especially as a diesel, a well-coordinated combination.

E-class in unreasonable

The fact that the driven test car had to shine richly in hyacinth red, of course. There are still too few red cars on our streets. Hyacinth-red, strong, lovely, seductive to shine in the evening sun. Not this time. Mercedes-Benz had invited to Barcelona and whoever thought the sun was just waiting for us - was wrong. Dark clouds, changeable, showers.

Then just watch the water pearl game on the red hyacinth.

Two doors less do not reinvent the automotive world. And you know an E-Class. The technical fireworks that were fired at the premiere can still impress today, a year later. And that's how you enjoy the ride. Focuses on the manageable changes in the interior. Light leather, large glass roof, the interior no dark room despite the flat side line. The new turbine vents look like climate porn, otherwise it's Mercedes business as usual.

But also a statement. The E-Coupé is now, unlike its predecessor, really based on the genes of the E-Class and the grown wheelbase, together with the grown overall length and width, leaves no doubt about the positioning. Two-door cars just below the luxury class are unnecessary cars. You don't drive it because you have to, but because you want to make a statement. You want to drive them. That you get the Business gizmodo E class can now also choose as a two-door car, just the right means of transportation for people from the DINKS class (double-income-no-kids).

Successful combination for the long haul.

That you can already travel very well with the Generation E-Class “2016”. I have experienced it myself. The coupé version shows that you can also cut a good figure. And apart from the rear doors, you don't miss anything. Drive the driver on, get assistance on the first excursion in the modern diesel coupé and choose the long route straight away. Feel at home in the cockpit. Actually, you would have had to cross the US continent again. Such a coupé with E genes is simply intended for the long tour.

At the market launch in Germany, Mercedes-Benz will be offering the E-Coupé with four engines. The driven 220d with its completely fresh OM 654 diesel engine. 1950 cubic centimeters, 194 hp and, thanks to extensive exhaust gas treatment, fit for the future. In addition, the E200 plays the part of the entry-level engine, a turbo gasoline engine with 184 hp. Above that is the equally two-liter E300 with 245 hp, a grumpy companion and above that, the presumably state-of-the-art V6 engine with 333 hp. All engines receive the Mercedes 9-speed automatic transmission. The 4matic all-wheel drive will be added later.

Do you have to say anything else about driving behavior? No. Of course, Mercedes offers air suspension as an option and the “driving character” can also be adapted. However, the comfort position fits the E 220d Coupé without restriction. Supposed hardness, directness and hectic pace can be left out.

Do you have to say anything else about the design of the two-door? No. Either you like coupés, then you will forgive Mercedes-Benz for the faux pas with the bar in the back of the side window, or you don't like them because you put pragmatism over elegance.

And where are the novelties? Was that all?

Magic wiper

No - because now Mercedes-Benz has reinvented the windshield wiper. And yes, the new system also got a snappy English name: Magic Vision Control. Vision - for “wipe”? It's clear.

The secret of the new windshield wiper is probably also the price later in the workshop, when the wipers have to be changed. Because instead of “just” wiping, the new wiper has a large number of nozzles on both sides of the wiper blade. The wiper water flows out over it and does not annoy you with splashes of water in the field of vision. The whole system is also heated. In winter, not only is the wiper water warmed up, the way to the wiper is also heated and the wiper blade was also fitted with two 40 watt heating elements. Are the wiper blades freezing to the windshield? A nuisance of the past. Scratching wiper blades? Also a thing of the past.

E 220 d 4MATIC Coupe designo hyacinth red metallic Nappa leather macchiato beige / Espresso.

For whom the new E220d Coupé is the right choice:

DINKS with fashion awareness and a preference for the long trip to the holiday home in the south.

And so I come back from the rainy Barcelona and fell in love, not in the E-Coupé, the two-door is too impractical for me, but in the new Magic wipe control wipers. Winter can now come ...

DATA Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupe

Price: from € 50.575,00
Drive petrol engine: Four-cylinder diesel • Displacement: 1.950 ccm • Power: 143 kW (194 PS) at 3.800 rpm • max. Torque: 400 Nm at 1.600 to 2.800 rpm
dimensions: 4 seats • L / W / H 4826, 1860, 1430 mm • Wheelbase 2873 mm • Weight (EC standard) 1735 kg • Luggage compartment volume 425 l,
Performance: Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 7,4 s • Top speed: 242 km / h • Consumption: 4,0 l / 100 km

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