First ride: Ford EDGE

No, the EDGE is not new. This large Ford SUV is a real novelty only for us in Germany. The EDGE has actually been around since 2006, when the first generation was introduced in the USA. The success of the full-size SUV was convincing enough not only to present the second generation in 2015, but also to introduce it - now - in Germany. As usual with the US Ford models, Ford Europe has once again lend a hand for our market and our needs. In this fresh and extensively redesigned car, I was able to take a closer look at my place for the first time and during a trip around Munich. 

The new Ford EDGE in the first driving report

Now it's over with small and loud

What is already noticeable during the first few meters of drive is something you shouldn't even notice: quiet. The Ford EDGE gets a “noise-canceling function” in the Titanium equipment, which is mainly known from high-priced hi-fi headphones. In the Ford man's large SUV, it works like wellness therapy for the ears. 

The fact that FORD now has something in its program that is referred to in Munich as X5 and in Stuttgart as GLE is, for once, unusual. The bigger the task that lies ahead of the Ford EDGE: make persuasive work. As for the first surprise, the big SUV already succeeded. It's a relaxed first ride out of the city's bustle. Over crowded highways to lonely country roads. The EDGE seems to like this area well.

first ride 026Ford EDGE

SUV is when it is convenient and convenient

Point 1: An SUV must be comfortable. Point 2: He has to be comfortable. Point 3: He has to be comfortable. How? All 3 points describe the same property? Can you see it. Then that will be an important point. QED.  

The EDGE fulfills this requirement. The first, the second, and the third. But it's not grandma’s couch. He bounces and steers very binding. With the large 20-inch models with 255 tires, he even finds ruts very attractive. But that is now also part of everyday life. One of the bonus points of the SUV fleets is the airy greenhouse. While sedans and hatchbacks increasingly degenerate into disguised coupes, you can still sit upright in an SUV. In the EDGE, too, it is this “comfort” that scores points. Comfort again.

The American makes a few other things quite well. For example, space would be such a category to score. A neatly large trunk is available, the rear seat can, appropriate for the class, from the tailgate at the push of a button. 12V sockets are available and LED lighting brings light under the a little too undignified rear roller blind. At the end, the data sheet shows a volume from 602 to 1.847 liters.

first ride 025Ford EDGE

SUV is when it nails

How would you like it? 180 hp nailing or 210 hp? Ford currently only offers two engines for the EDGE. Both diesel. Both 2.0 liter four-cylinder. One weighs 400 Nm to work, the other 450 Nm. One (the little one) comes with a manual six-speed gearbox and the other (210 hp) has a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox *. This means that the “bigger” is also the more comfortable and valuable. Somehow the automatic just fits better with the SUV driving experience. Ford is therefore also assuming that it will sell more 210 hp variants than 180 hp engines.

The direct driving experience differs more through the comfort plus of the automatic than through the 30 HP or 50 Nm that the pimped diesel brings more. Incidentally, both variants always come to the end customer with all-wheel drive. However, Ford also relies on AWD technology that first drives the front wheels in day-to-day business and only distributes the power to the rear when the wheel slips. What Ford calls an “intelligent four-wheel drive” is based on a multi-plate clutch that rearranges the power distribution within milliseconds. This helps to avoid understeer and to make further progress in snow and mud.

Despite the Active Noise-Canceling solution you can hear the nailing engines quite clearly. You can not hide completely in the soft comfort coat of the EDGE.

first ride 017Ford EDGE

SUV should be like this

It is easy to travel five. This is less surprising than the quality in the interior. For the European version, you sat down again at FORD and put many details to the test. The quality of workmanship and materials makes you smile happily. The rather cubic basic form of the SUV also secures a proper headroom. The feet of the passengers are just as good. Here it does not pinch. As I said: Space enough and actually could have formed a fine carpool.

first ride 074Ford EDGE

Two engines, three equipment lines

The options are currently very limited. Either 210 HP AND automatic gearbox or 180 HP and manual 6-speed gearbox. But always with all-wheel drive. There are three equipment lines for the 180 PS EDGE; FORD only offers the “Big Daddy” as Titanium (the full hut) or as “Sport”. If you intend to order the EDGE fully equipped, you should consider the price difference between the Titanium and Sport versions due to the lower package prices of the business and design packages. If so, then immediately. However, the EDGE in the SPORT version also comes with the 20-inch models. In connection with “adaptive steering”, this may ensure excellent handling, but the 1 mm low-profile tires make the suspension comfort, which is actually very good, forgotten. And regardless of whether it was torn by hand or converted by a machine, the EDGE is more of a “comfortable” travel SUV than a sporty buddy for hunting on asphalt.

SUV may be innovative

The new adaptive steering with a variable transmission ratio is a FORD world novelty and increases the handling massively. In fact, a worm gear hidden in the steering wheel does not simply change the resistance of the steering, as is often the case, but the actual gear ratio. Thus, the EDGE gains calmness in fast driving and spontaneous maneuverability in the city. Thanks to a split-view camera on the front, you can see the cross traffic when moving out of narrow gaps in the 180 degree angle. A ramp-up detector with pedestrian detection has also been added at FORD. The FORD EDGE can therefore be described as an innovative SUV.

Conclusion: The Ford EDGE is a real win

Larger than the previous FORD SUV models and also shaped as a comfortable touring SUV. The FORD EDGE serves a completely new segment for German FORD customers. The two diesel engines are not far apart in terms of performance, the separation of FORD into a variant that is switched by hand and a comfortable and higher-positioned automatic SUV is therefore understandable. The Ford EDGE starts at € 42.900 for the “small” diesel with 6-speed manual transmission in the trend version. The friendly FORD dealer sells the Ford EDGE Sport with 210 hp and automatic transmission shown in the photos from € 49.050.

Anyone who has not been able to surrender to the SUV trend so far because they lacked an SUV that does not pretend to be “wrong sportiness” could be happy with the innovative Cologne offer. 

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* Automatic transmission: repaired. I could have sworn it was a torque converter, so he drove off. In fact, this is the FORD Powershift dual-clutch transmission. 🙁 ash on my head.


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