In short: The new Ford Mondeo Hybrid

If Ford then brings the new Mondeo in decent quantities to the dealers in a few weeks, then customers get the choice between station wagon and hatchback sedan and between diesel engine and turbo gasoline engines. The hybrid drive, the offer the Cologne but only with a body version and they are otherwise synonymous with no other drive: the classic sedan. Four doors, short stub tail and under the hood the power of two hearts.

FORD Mondeo Hybrid - First exit

If there were not the different body variants, the “normal” Mondeo and the hybrid Mondeo would be hard to distinguish. Where Ford meant well in the details between hatchback and sedan. You have to look very carefully to see which of the vehicles has a large boot lid and which is only supplied with a rather small sheet metal hatch.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid 12 First Test Drive

Turbo power, half juice!

If you just look at the technical data of the Mondeo hybrid's drive, you might get the idea that the US carmaker had simply bought from hybrid pioneer Toyota. But the hybrid system in the Mondeo is a FORD development. As with the Japanese, the Americans combine an Atkinson gasoline engine with an electric motor and a planetary gear set. Flanged to it, a generator. The transmission is often simply referred to as a continuously variable transmission and some colleagues have even given the Ford Mondeo Hybrid two electric motors. In fact, the e-CVT of the Mondeo can be compared with the “power-split transmission” of the Prius. And while the Mondeo does indeed have three “energy sources”, the gasoline engine and the electric motor, the third is only responsible for the efficient recuperation of the drive power in the drive train and the power distribution in the e-CVT. [= ””] Explaining the whole system in its function is beyond the scope here.CVT / Power-split device / power split interested, which takes place behind this link a good and detailed explanation! 

It reads awkwardly awkward, but for the driver it is one thing that he immediately forgets once he has left. From the structure, the branching of the driving forces and the variable boosting of the electric motor, the driver feels nothing. The Mondeo Hybrid drives purely electric and keeps the speed in the country road area for a short time purely electric. Unfortunately, the 1.4 kWh of the battery does not suffice for more than starting and short phases in which the electric motor keeps the Mondeo Hybrid rolling.

During the premiere of the new Ford Mondeo, the hybrid version was only available for a short time. The first kilometers in the Doppelherz-Mondeo, however, immediately reined in your own temperament. As with all hybrid vehicles, the Hybrid Mondeo is immediately quieter. This is unusual, because the excellent chassis of the new Mondeo actually wants to invite you to happily chase corners. But dynamism is not a great passion for the 187 hp hybrid Mondeo. He wants to be moved gently by a soulful driver. Someone who enjoys supporting the hybrid's savings ambitions. The drive train of the Hybrid Mondeo offers 300 Nm and is thus on the level of the 203 hp EcoBoost four-cylinder.


Because 1 + 1 is sometimes less than two

The clever combination of petrol engine and electric motor, the efficient use of kinetic energy, which is otherwise simply converted into heat by braking, and the use of maximum sailing performance make the Doppelherz Mondeo more economical than its EcoBoost brothers. Despite similar performance. Especially since the question of whether you can reach 7.9 km / h within 100 seconds, like the currently most powerful EcoBoost Mondeo with the 240 hp turbo gasoline engine or within 9.2 seconds like the hybrid Mondeo, is becoming more and more of a minor matter for many people.

For this, consumption is becoming increasingly important. And there he does it Hybrid Mondeo in the EU cycle to below 100 grams CO2 per kilometer. For a full-size sedan an impressive value! Combined, the Mondeo with the two hearts should come so far with only 4.2 liters of gasoline 100 kilometers.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid 01 First Test Drive

Conclusion for the Ford Mondeo Hybrid

One cannot really understand the limitation of the hybrid drive to the rather unusual sedan variant that is hardly in demand in Germany. A Mondeo tournament with hybrid drive would be a real alternative to the petrol and diesel variants. Especially since Ford is bringing the hybrid version onto the market at a fair entry-level price: € 34.950.


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