Car bestseller in March - Ford galloping in sports cars

The Ford Mustang was the most popular sports car in March

The Ford Mustang is the surprise bestseller of March. According to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), it places itself at the top of the sports car class with 780 new registrations and outperforms German competitors such as the previous month's Audi TT and the front-runner Porsche 911 and Mercedes E-Class Coupé. Although the muscle car offered as a coupé and convertible for the first time by Ford in Germany has been officially on the German market since the beginning of 2015, it has only been available nationwide since the turn of the year - which in part should also explain the top number of new registrations at the beginning of spring.

In March, the leader in the other vehicle classes remains the same as in February. With the Up, Polo, Golf and Passat, VW once again dominates the segments from the smallest car to the middle class. There are also the phase-out model Tiguan for the off-road vehicles and the two spacecraft Touran and Multivan for the large vans and commercial vehicles. The Audi A6 is at the top in the upper middle class and the S-Class from Mercedes in the upper class. The podium for the SUV continues to be held by the Ford Kuga, and the Mercedes B-Class in the small vans. As usual for years, the Fiat Ducato remains the most popular base vehicle for motorhomes.


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