Is the Fiesta RS coming?

We think it's great, the sporty small car from Cologne. Of the Ford Fiesta ST doesn't care about manners, spits rough from his muffler, hops tightly over bumps and pushes forward with his 1.6 liter turbo engine with 182 PS. In addition, its optics are not exactly on the reserved side - only the sweeping roof spoiler clearly shows whose spirit child the ST is. But recently rumors have spread that there may be a Ford Fiesta RS. We asked around what it is about.

So far, it was unthinkable to think that there is a gap above the Fiesta ST at all. The little wild one likes it very much with its lively character and the unwashed sports spirit. But the rumors of an even stronger fiesta grew louder and louder. Nevertheless, the European chief of Ford waved away and told the colleagues from "Car Throttle" in January that an RS was categorically excluded. Still: the thought of one Ford Fiesta ST in double cream is stubborn. After all, the exclusion of an RS doesn't mean that there is no eligibility for a Ford Fiesta ST Plus. This sharpened version is expected for the Geneva Motor Show 2016.

Ford Fiesta ST 38 driving test car of the year 2014

But since there is of course no official go from Ford, you can’t expect performance or technical data. But you will be allowed to think out loud? The 1.6 liter turbo of the ST is designed for good 210 PS and 230 Nm and is durable with this yield. That would be a guarantee-capable performance with which Ford would not shoot himself in the knee in terms of the reliability and durability of the sporty small car. In addition, with the limited displacement, the end of the flagpole is reached at some point. Clear, Peugeot excites that engine volume - 1.6 liters - up to over 270 horsepower. But the small car Ford Fiesta ST Plus should also remain mobile.

ford fiesta st 08 test drive shortly

Nevertheless, doubts remain: If the performance increase was too lax, the little runabout would be too close to the series ST and would lose its right to exist. Especially since not only more power, but also optics and, above all, components, such as the chassis or brakes, would have to be further adapted. If one interprets the increase in performance too radically, the small car becomes immobile. In addition, cannibalization towards the Ford Focus ST emerge - and the people of Cologne certainly don't want that.

So, as is so often the case, it means waiting and drinking tea. Maybe the rumors have substance and we will soon be able to rush through country roads sooner? If the rumors are not correct, it is not bad - after all, the Fiesta ST without a name is a big one among the little ones! The way he is.


Source: Car Throttle / Photos: Ford /

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