Dangers: Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Powershift

The Ford Fiesta has quietly become the best-selling small car in the world. We owe this success at FORD, of course, also to the "One Ford ”strategy, according to which the vehicles of a model series, with similar equipment and motorization, are offered all over the world. In Germany, the little guy from Cologne performed well despite the strong competitors Polo, Corsa and Fabia and took a top 5 position in the hit lists of the registration statistics.

Quick switch under pressure

Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost with dual-clutch transmission

The combination of EcoBoost three-cylinder turbo, PowerShift transmission and the Fiesta can be described as a “winning combination” with a clear conscience. You pack all the successful ingredients of the Cologne-based car manufacturer in the successful small car. The 1.0 liter EcoBoost turbo engine is been awarded several times and combines the power of 100 PS with the efficiency of a turbocharged three-cylinder turbo. In combination with the 6-Gang dual-clutch transmission (manufacturer: Getrag), the EcoBoost is in top form.


Engine performance:

100 PS

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Acceleration 0 to 100:

10,8 Knot.

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180 km / h

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So drives the three-cylinder turbo with the Powershift transmission

Silently, the 100 PS Turbo comes to life, brake pressed, shift lever on D and without jerking it pulls the little Fiesta from the starting blocks. Driving can be so easy. The advantage of dual-clutch transmissions should have meanwhile spoken around. No shift jerk, no traction interruption and jerky gear shifts (whereby the GETRAG gearbox does not play the laudable role of “Best in Class” here). If you combine the whole thing with a motor that, thanks to turbocharging, brings a lot of pressure - in the case of the 1.0 EcoBoost it is 170 Nm between 1.400 and 4.000 revolutions - it can be cruised wonderfully relaxed. Ford's Powershift transmission works, as is common today, with an adaptive control. In other words: the more hectic the accelerator, the more hectic (aka sporty) becomes the shift strategy of the transmission. However, if you approach it with feeling, you will experience a wonderfully calming effect of the Powershift transmission. Because together with the wide-ranging torque of the turbo engine, it can be cruised through the landscape at low speeds, just to quickly shift down one or two gears if necessary and bring speed into the box. You can often only tell that the gears have been shifted by the twitching of the tachometer needle, but not by jerking the vehicle. The rocker switch on the gear knob could be used to influence the gear selection of the transmission, but after just a few kilometers this seems like a pointless gimmick. The automat itself masters the gear selection perfectly. The now electric power steering may have found its way into the Fiesta primarily because of its efficiency, but it can also convince in its effect. You can feel the just over a ton empty weight of the little Ford, or you just don't feel it. Handy and without sluggish reactions, you reel off kilometers of country roads and enjoy the well-fitting combination of Powershift transmission and EcoBoost motor.

Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 12 Powershift

There remains only the question: Why did it take so long for FORD to include this combination in the offer? 


The price question

That could of course be the price. In conjunction with the EcoBoost turbo engine and the dual-clutch transmission falls at PARTY the basic ambience equipment from the possible choice and remaining: “Trend”, “Sync Edition”, “Titanium” and “Individual”. The titanium equipment used starts at € 17.900 and already offers fair equipment that includes, for example, the rain sensor and automatic light control. As always, there is still a little room for improvement. Ford packs some equipment features together in packages, whereby the Cool & Sound Package II, the Easy Driver Package II and also the Winter Package appear to be particularly recommendable. Equipped in this way, the Fiesta then has, for example, City Brake Assist (in the Easy Driver Package II), automatic air conditioning (Cool & Sound Package) and heated seats in the first row (Winter Package). In the end, however, the purchase price also adds up to € 20.025

Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 09 Powershift


Ford has not implemented an automatic start-stop function in the Fiesta with Powershift - you might be wondering why. And the Euro 6 rating of the drive is still missing. Of course, there is still a little time before the legislator prescribes the Euro 6 classification for new cars, but this makes this point one of the few criticisms of the new Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Powershift.

Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 06 Powershift

The loyal partner

And that the little Fiesta goes through as a loyal partner for everyday life was recently shown by the 100.000 kilometer endurance test by “auto, motor und sport”. Here the little Cologne driver drove punctually over the entire test distance, an achievement that is often not even achieved by more expensive models!


Even good and already successful cars can be improved, for example when the endurance runner Fiesta gets the “Engine-of-the-Year” EcoBoost engine together with the dual clutch transmission pressed under the short bonnet. Then a “little fiesta” becomes a decent car.

And if FORD soon pushes the Euro 6 standard and start-stop for this combination, then the “little Ford” will finally get the rating: “Very sensible”. 

Canon EOS 6D - Photos Bjoern Habegger


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