Finally: First test of the new Ford Mustang!

Munich - First test

It took a long time. What felt like 100 motor shows and automobile trade fairs were held out by Ford. We made “the pony” tasty again and again. We are starved. Finally want the pure V8 violence from the USA. Now the Ford boys finally present “the pony” for Europe. And they knock it off our ears with a special price: € 40.000 for a V8 coupé with manual six-speed gearshift and rear-wheel drive. If you are still looking at the US import prices of Mustang V6 Coupés, you will also buy rotten meat at the discounter. We explain why this is so in our driving report!


First test drive in the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang 201503 driving event photos manufacturer

And the shark has teeth

The Mustang is a living US cultural asset. The first drive is ideally experienced in a V8 Fastback. The movie “Bullitt” or “Gone in 60 seconds” plays in the head. The long bonnet trembles towards the “German Autobahn”. Long hood, high grille. In addition, the mustang's shark snout is mandatory from the side. When it came to design, the Ford people made a powerful contribution to the Heritage drawer and actually managed to transfer the typical Mustang look to the crash test and pedestrian protection of modern times. OP more than successful, but the Mustang has been doing us well since 2 years on every new car show more!

Heckschwenk: Can he

The first important driving event for the Ford Mustang and that on German soil. No flight to Barcelona, ​​instead we swap the sunshine with the free motorway and rain with the chance to drift through Upper Bavaria. With its new rear axle - the rigid axle had to give way to an elaborate independent wheel suspension with integral arms - the Mustang is optimally equipped for a trip to the angled corner around Lake Tegernsee. Nasty frost breakouts? No matter. But it shouldn't get too damp, because then nothing will keep the 275 Pirelli P-Zero on track. And I'm not talking about “slipping the clutch”, just accelerating in third gear. At 4.250 revolutions (Revolutions per minute) the 5.0 V8 with its 530 Nm then simply shakes the grip off the rear axle and twitches, grumbles, hisses and thuds in the finest V8 timbre across the direction of travel.

If you want to surrender to the proll factor of smoking tires, Ford has given you an adolescent game aid with the Line-Lock function via on-board computer. Without grilling the rear brake and the wheel bearings of the rear axle, only the front axle can be locked by braking pressure and the rear axle can be enveloped in acrid gray tire smoke for up to 15 seconds. Ford speaks of "warming up" the rear axle - let's see what the local constables say ...

Ford Mustang 201501 driving event photos manufacturer

V8 or EcoBoost

Blasphemy - a turbo four-cylinder in the “Mustang”. My first thought. My second thought: Hmm, without the heavy V8 on the front axle, even a US pony could be fun to drive. Especially since the 2.3 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder with 317 hp and 432 Nm cannot really be called “loin-weak”. It offers - especially in terms of torque - significantly more than the 3.7 liter V6 petrol engine offered in the USA.

Second glance at the technical data: The V8 Mustang weighs only 65 kilograms more than the four-cylinder colleague. This explains the driving impression of the V8. Ford has managed not to let the V8 travel too far beyond the front axle. This helps with the axle load distributions. The 255 tires on the front axle and the really successful tuning of the chassis make the Mustang look almost handy. Sporty all. Thanks to the locking differential on the rear axle, almost any drift angle can be conjured and maintained.

In addition to the V8 from the United States conjures a manual six-speed transmission a grin in the face. Ford has geared the chassis and its interpretation of the European sports car firmament, which brings driving pleasure. And the manual transmission was also designed with a sidelong glance at the best, crisp, straight, jagged. That fits!

The Mustang drives like you always dreamed of as a European. And not just straightforward. Thanks to the playfulness of its developers, the steering can be adjusted in three stages. Needless, yes. But if you only have a few hours with a new car, then you actually try all three levels.

Ford Mustang 201502 driving event photos manufacturer

In terrain mode

There are four levels in the “driving dynamics mode”. Normal, Sport +, Terrain and Winter. Terrain? Yes 😉 - someone at Ford Europe had little luck using the “Bing Translator” and translated the “Track” setting, i.e. the race track mode, into terrain. On the first test lap, we avoided off-road routes. Still like to use the “track setting”.

But be careful. The track mode already allows a lot of tail swings and drift angles. Anyone who still completely deactivates the ESP on a wet road should know how to control “oversteer”. The pony kicks out jaggedly and effectively!

Leather: Does he have

The equipment of the Mustangs is complete. However, the leather used, like the chrome-plated buttons and knurled wheels, looks cheap. Good. 421 hp, V8, rear-wheel drive, full hut - we don't want to complain about these little things. That would also mean that the Mustang would not have been understood. He does not want to outperform the premium competitors through premium processing, he wants to crawl deeply into the souls of downsized, tortured large-series buyers. His V8 babble is honest, real. And even with the 2.3 liter four-cylinder turbo, the Mustang puts you in a good mood. Real mood.

Thirsty: Go

Those who keep the V8 on the short leash will gallop through the landscape with less than 9 liters. The economical tour succeeds with the 2.3 liter turbo, of course, a little better. 8 liters in the NEDC indicates FORD for the EcoBoost. Can you do it? You do not have to. The 2.3 liter is a great engine, but in the Mustang you will probably find on German roads to 2 / 3 the V8. When you meet a Mustang.

Performance package vs. Import V6

The Ford Mustang stirs the mind and the prices are hotly debated in the forums of the Internet. It shows: Nothing can be so cheap that someone doesn't want to counter with a cheaper price. The net import price of a US model with a V6 is just over 20.000 US dollars. Then there are freight, taxes and fees and in the end you have the US bread and butter version. You have to say: It has the same sexy shell, but it is a long way from what we drove here. The “ponies” sold by German Ford dealerships all come in series with the “Ford Performance Package”, which is optional for the USA, and that makes sense. Reinforced brakes, stiffer chassis bushings and a sportier chassis set-up allow direct competition with the German premium opponents. The V8 Mustang in German specification is no comparison to the loinless US V6 pony.

Ford Mustang 2015 13 press photos manufacturer

At the end...

Ford Mustang: That's just how the pony feels!

€ 40.000 is a challenge, but only 3.000 for Europe. Anyone who opts for a Mustang from the Ford dealer's showroom today - the “ponies” are only exhibited in “Ford stores” (The cult boxes can be ordered wherever there are new Fiestas and Transits) - So whoever decides on a new Mustang today will have to wait. At least 6 months, because the first shipload of the US cult coupés (and convertibles) has already sold out.

And the new Ford Mustang is a clear buy recommendation. Once again V8, once again pure sound. The V6 import models should be avoided as the rotten meat at the discount store. Then prefer the 2.3 liter EcoBoost Turbo including performance package.

Ford Mustang GT Fastback

5.0 V8 Performance - 6-speed manual

design typeEight-cylinder, V-engine, all-aluminum
capacity4.951 cc
Performance421 hp / 6.500 rpm
Kraft530 Nm / 4.250 rpm
gear6 gear manually
drive axleRear axle, locking differential
Length Width Height4.784, 1.916, 1.394
 turning circle12,2 m
top speed250 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h4,9 sec
standard consumption13.5 l / 100 km
base Price40.000 €
Test car price-
InsuranceHP 19 / VK 28 / TK 27
Motor vehicle tax
Use Chancelow
Resale valuehoch

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