Facelift: First ride in the new Ford C-Max

Comfort, space and pragmatism. The facelift of the Ford C-Max meets the most important wishes!

First ride in the Ford Grand C-Max with 150 PS 

The successful compact van der Kölner is actually an old friend. Above all, a successful acquaintance. While everyone is only looking at SUV models, there is fortunately a manufacturer with really practical “compact vans” for pragmatic families. It doesn't always have to be extra ground clearance. Not always martial optics. The C-Max did not get any SUV bonds for its comprehensive facelift, not even a “rustic” variant was inserted. The C-Max remains what it was: a practical car with plenty of space - and that continues in two versions. The “normal” C-Max and the Grand C-Max with 14 centimeters more wheelbase.

Ford first ride 17 grand c-max

Dangers: Ford Grand C-Max - 150 PS PS TDCi

Most noticeable when you first look at the fresh C-Max? Naturally. The nose, often referred to as the “Aston Martin memory grille”. The C-Max fits into the design language of the new Ford Focus and the new Ford Mondeo and is recognized as the “current” Ford. In addition, it just looks good. Admittedly: very good for a mini van.

Modern workspace

Especially as the Grand C-Max with a wheelbase of 2.78 meters, the Cologne-based model impresses with its space. As befits this class, Ford naturally offers a seven-seater version. However, the same applies to the 4.52 meter long “large C-Max”: This third row of seats is no longer even offered to the mother-in-law. However, it is perfect for taking the neighbors' children to school.

At the cockpit Ford has put on the big spring cleaning and neatly swept. Excessive buttons and switches had to leave the place, but now convinced an 8-inch multimedia system, which is already known from the Ford Focus and the new Mondeo. Oh yes, it has a name by the way: Sync2.

Emergency brake up to speed 50

Active City Stop, Ford's Emergency Brake Assist, is now working on Tempo 50, helping to avoid rear-end collisions. Thanks to radar sensors and camera systems, the assistant watches over the road in front of the C-Max and initiates emergency braking in the event of a fall.

Also surveys the cross traffic

To complement the practical helpers, a park assistant joins in, who not only walks in and out alone, but also controls the surroundings. It does not matter if you have parked across or parallel to the street. Thanks to the sensors, the helpful parking lot of bits and bytes looks further than the driver behind the wheel could do.

Habitat in shell

The trunk has not changed much. The C-Max is, especially as a Grand, above all a facelift and so the basics remain the same. The trunk volume is between 475 and 1.742 liters. The headroom is thanks to the mini-Van form not worth discussing. The steering wheel adjusts in height and length and if you want to complain, then the A-pillar construction is so free and provides the basis for the criticism. However, this problem is not unique to the C-Max. Mini-vans generally have a constructive shortcoming here. The large and flat A-pillars interfere with the sighting of the cornering and sometimes make you feel like you have missed something behind it.

Ford first ride 05 c-max

Electric tailgate

Hands clasped, the car key in his pocket. Daily scenario on the parking lots in front of supermarkets. In the future, then Ford C-Max driver can open the tailgate with a kick. Ran, kick your foot under the bumper and, as if pulled by a magic hand, the tailgate opens. A fine option, not vital, but shows: So practical in Cologne, when it comes to everyday life.

On the Absorbs

The big hour of the C-Max comes in terms of driving comfort. Derived from the successful basis of the Ford Focus, the C-Max as a van, however, shows the comfort rather than the dynamic card. And that's good. The test cars ran on premium tires and thus ran to a particularly comfortable performance. Rushing, rumbling or unrolling wood? Not in this combination. The C-Max has excellent resilience, but does not appear fickle or clumsy. Simply comfortable. That alone requires a special note. In the past, driving comfort was all too often subordinated to a pseudo-sporty note. The Ford C-Max ignores this naughtiness and plays the pleasing long-distance glider.

Ford first ride 12 c-max

Turbo Boost

Ignoring the rather uninteresting base engine with 85 PS and the LPG variant with 1.6 liter displacement and 117 PS, then the engines are all turbo engines and of course meet all the EU 6 standard. So far so good. It gets really good with the new 1.5 liters of EcoBoost four-cylinders. From 1.499 ccm³ get these turbo engines either 150 or 182 PS, spend from 1.6 revolutions a full torque of 240 Nm (both) and still remain frugal drinker.

The new 1.5 liter TDCi engine with 120 hp is even more economical. Here FORD indicates a consumption of 4,1 liters of diesel per 100 km in the third mix (C-Max, Grand C-Max: 4,4). This can be taken to extremes with the Econetic special model with 105 hp, but only for the “short” C-Max - here, 3.8 liters should be sufficient for 100 km. Not too bad for a compact van.

In the first test drive on Mallorca we were primarily the 150 PS strong 2.0 liter TDCi engine available. Especially in conjunction with the Grand C-Max the ideal engine. This engine combines power with economy and pushes neatly forward thanks to the 370 Nm.

Ford first ride 13 c-max

Conclusion for the new C-Max

The overall package is convincing. Clever details make everyday life easier. For example, there are the well-thought-out clamping bars for the cupholders, the programmable Ford My Key, the spacious glove compartment, the revised noise insulation, the modern infotainment system and ... and ... and ...

This fits the well-stocked range of engines, the two wheelbases, of which the longer version comes with sliding doors and quite naturally the now fresh design with the distinct Ford family face.

Pragmatism can be liked. 

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Sales start on: from now on

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Price from: € 16.490

Vehicle class: C-segment, high roof, Van
competitors: VW Sportsvan, B-Class
Engine performance: from 85 PS to 182 PS
Drive and transmission:Front-wheel drive, 5 gear, 6 gear, 6 gear automatic, 6 gear double clutch
Length, width, height, wheelbase: C-Max: 4.380, 1.828, 1.626, 2.648 mm Grand C-Max: 4.520, 1.828, 1.684, 2.788 mm
Fuel consumption:from 3.8l (Econetic) | 5.1 l (1.5 EcoBoost)
maximum speed: 165 km / h - 213 km / h
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h- seconds

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