Driving Report: Ford Fiesta ST

A comforting otherness floods the aura of the Ford Fiesta ST. Outwardly, of course, you immediately recognize the small car as a Cologne city flea. He only reveals his personality after turning the key and the first few meters in the wild. City traffic with it may be tough, but the ST becomes warm as soon as it hits the country road. Behind his mundane small car mask lies a huge surprise. And while a couple Colleagues the test car 2014 Having chosen and agreed on a Top 3, I draw the focus on a very special test car this year. On my test car of the year 2014:

There can only be one!

Ford Fiesta ST

He just wants to play. And that for a little eternity. The Fiesta ST certainly has a tradition in its segment, but it has not really earned any honor. It is just this Fiesta ST probably the heartiest memory of what was once called the “GTI feeling”. To an honest, small, manageable and, above all, much more importantly, an affordable people's athlete.

That the nose now looks a bit like English sports car aristocracy, you take out smirking. That the interior can not completely deny the desolate Cologne-Kleinwagen-origin, it is accepted. At the latest after the first wild ride on Eifel highways or at home in Spessart. It could also be the special test for the Rallye Monte Carlo, when the 1.6 liter EcoBoost Turbo throws its Eco overboard and gasps for breath.

Ford Fiesta ST 50 driving test car of the year 2014

Jack of all trades

The look is sharper, the EcoBoost more violent. In the interior, it should bring out the sports seats. That's not how it is done. But it fits. A sausage-grip steering wheel with silver elements, an aluminum gear knob and three aluminum pedal. That's really important with the interior, yes, not at all. The cockpit display wants to remind of the EcoBoost talents. Economical and so. Presumably, the ad itself feels out of place. It is nicer to watch the smoldering glow of the reddish hands as the 1.6 liter turbo engine squeezes through the RPM scale. That there is a turbo at work? You can tell. Not on a rotten engine, but on sound and pressure.

Piano lacquer around the center console may look dapper, but the many buttons on the old entertainment system are dying. But here, too, no matter. Who needs a radio in this little berserker? Let the games begin. The music grunts the double tailpipe merrily into the landscape.

Urgent printed matter

They understand fun in Cologne. Tempo 260 you've punched the little Cologne riot dwarf in the clock. That can hardly be. Or is it? First departure time, dropping the doors into the lock, fishing for the harness, and taking the sausage wheel firmly into the stylus.

Satisfied and indecent beguiling for such a small city car grumbles the EcoBoost four-cylinder to himself. Cold is the aluminum shift knob in the hand. High-volume transmission. Of course you had expected more. But fine, it is not bad. Sufficient direct, sufficiently accurate. Was the make-up maybe too much? The expectations too high?

Ford Fiesta ST 41 driving test car of the year 2014

Tough and without mercy

The 240 Newton meters of the turbo pull through seamlessly. Maltratieren the front wheels. When it gets wet, the Fiesta's Bridgestone sports tires surrender. After a few meters you are on the road under the 17-inch rims, which are finely drawn into the wheel arches. The transmission is free of an unspeakable eco-tuning. Briefly coordinated, the gears match the game character of the 1.6 l turbo. Pressure, switching, pressure, switching - speed 160. Before you know it, you have given your rag in Cologne's Rennzwerg. So, cool off, come down. Choose the next country road, concentrate on the feedback on the steering.

According to Ford, the suspension should be sporty and firm. I think hard but honest it really hits better. That has its advantages. A short nod towards the front axle and the Fiesta ST throws itself cheekily into the next bend. He doesn’t linger long on the side. Flip over, accelerate, brake and from the front. The rear feels agile and dynamic. The rear axle isn't just there so that the exhaust doesn't drag on the ground. Agility is promoted here. When braking hard, this can cause a little nervousness, but everything is fine. Everything within the scope of what you always wanted from a “Hot Hatch”. It has character, so it's just fun.

The brake willingly makes the moody highway intermezzo. Remain steadfast and tell frankly about the reserves.

Ford Fiesta ST 34 driving test car of the year 2014

test consumption

[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Everyday driver”] Everyday consumption is around 8.1 liters per 100 kilometers. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Eco-Expert”] If you take it seriously, you will also fall below the 7 liter limit much bravery. 6.3 liters, less were not feasible even with extreme abstinence. [/ Tab] [tab title = ”Without consideration”] Turbo runs, turbo drinks and the limits of downsizing are reached where you let it run properly. The Max Tour was completed with 11.3 liters. [/ Tab] [/ tabgroup]

Ford Fiesta ST 38 driving test car of the year 2014

Back to the Future

It's been a long time since I was so excited about a car. And yet they are often the ones you don't expect. Small Cologne car? Pah. The year was full of testosterone beating. AMG hammers, S models and exotic athletes. But and that will never change, one expects the enthusiasm to drip from the joint. The desire to drive is becoming increasingly rare. Driving dynamics switches, sound generators and the all-inclusive mentality turn the formerly sporty compact into fat and boring everyday cubes. This year the Fiesta ST brought back what I can simply call “driving fun”.

Quick 350 kilometers home in the evening? A dream when the Fiesta ST is waiting at the airport. Because even if the 260 are high on the speedometer - at 230 it almost runs into the rev limiter - it is the elasticity that robs you of your senses. Regardless of whether it is third, fourth or fifth gear. The Fiesta ST is always motivated along the track, like a Cologne resident at a carnival at the Kölsch bar. The thirst remains manageable. So with the ST. Despite a lot of power play on the left lane and quick attacks over land, the total consumption of the Fiesta ST was less than 9 liters. If you stay cool, EcoBoostig drives through the country, then a good 6 liters to 100 are feasible as a minimum.

He is forgiven for the fact that his trumpet sound in the interior does not only come from the engine area and the exhaust, but is partly synthetic. And there isn't really any more criticism left when traveling back in time to the “real hot hatches”. It could stay that way in the future!

At the end...

There can only be one. Only a test car of the year 2014. And this year it was the Fiesta ST. His talents are intoxicating and yet are not covered by the Narcotics Act. He brings the desired outbreak from everyday life.

For less than € 20.000 (okay, purely academic), the Ford Fiesta does a serious part of the work-life balance. And in the end only one sentence is valid as a conclusion: "Peoples of this world, looking for their driving pleasure, look at this car ”!


Vehicle registration: Ford Fiesta ST 2014

Type:Fiesta ST
Class:B segment three-door
Transmission:6G manually
Drive:front-wheel drive
displacement:1.596 cc
Power / power (electric motor):182 hp b. 5.700 rpm | -
Torque: / Torque (E-Motor):240 Nm b. 1.600 rpm | -
Weight ready to drive:1.195 kg (EEC with driver)
From 0 to 100:6.9 s
Top speed .:223 km/h
Consumption of petrol (NEDC):5.9 liter
CO2 output (NEDC):138 g / km
Emission Class:EU 5
CW value:
Photos in the article: Bjoern Habegger Cover photo: Bjoern Habegger

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