Ford Edge - New flagship SUV

Ford also places the new Edge as a premium SUV. Also, because the flagship already comes as standard with a lot of equipment

Crowned in mid-June Ford his SUV program with the Edge. The mid-range SUV is available from 42.900 Euro, then with the 132 kW / 180 PS strong diesel and extensive features. The acquired from the US, 4,81 meter long Allrader complements the previously existing from the mini-SUV Ecosport and the compact model Kuga existing SUV range of Cologne.

The drive is decidedly European. In addition to the entry-level engine, the 2,0-liter diesel is also available with 154 kW / 210 PS (from 50.100 Euro in the highest equipment "Titanium"). As a standard fuel consumption for the aggregates Ford specifies between 5,8 and 5,9 liters on 100 kilometers. A four-wheel drive, which splits the performance as needed on two or four wheels, is standard.

With the Edge, Ford treats itself to a new flagship that not only competes against models like Kia Sorento and Mitsubishi Outlander, but is also supposed to attack premium competitors like Audi Q5 or Volvo XC60. The second-generation Edge wants to measure up to the expensive competition in terms of appearance and space. It is already fully equipped as standard, including a voice-controlled infotainment system including an 8-inch touchscreen and reversing camera, lane keeping assistant, cruise control, air conditioning and rain sensor.

In the options, Ford then offers everything that can be found on the corporate shelves. Among other things, brake assist with pedestrian detection, cross traffic monitoring when parking or seat belt airbags can be ordered. The brand with its American-beefy design sets its own accents. Above all, the large, fully chrome-plated radiator with its two broad shiny louvers will stand out in the German street scene.

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