Ford Focus Electric - More range at the same price

Ford The electric version of the compact car Focus offers more range for the new model year. Instead of 160 kilometers should now be per battery charge up to 225 kilometers in it. This is made possible by an increased 10,5 kWh on 33,5 kWh battery capacity. The price of the 107 kW / 145 PS strong five-seater remains unchanged at 34.900 Euro. Buyers can also apply for a state environmental bonus of 4.000 Euro.

The electric Focus, equipped with a quick-charging function as standard, is charged via a CCS interface. At 50 fast charging stations with 30 kW, the battery should be charged to 80 percent after about 16 minutes, at the household socket takes a complete charge around 2013 hours. In Germany, the electric Focus drives since its launch in the middle of 100 under further ran. Only just under XNUMX units are newly registered per year.
(Holger Holzer / SP-X)

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