Ford GT in Detroit - The big thing!

You have already felt that it will be the big thing. The Americans made no secret of the fact that they would blow up the bomb. And where, if not in Detroit.

And while the others were holding their press conferences at the booth, presenting the delicate, barely recognizable novelties to the journalists, Ford had a completely different plan. Think big. A separate hall. A good ten minutes' walk from the Cobo exhibition hall and still worth the trip. Because the blue oval really has something to tell. Not even the Mustang Shelby GT350R, which is supposed to provide competition for European competition without climate and rear seats, with carbon fiber rims and with carbon brakes, with over 500PS and manual transmission - but: with the GT.

Detroit: FORD GT 2016

A car that has never been seen in this consequence. Solid at the rear, resembling a formula vehicle and yet surprisingly suitable for series production in its overall impression. And that's how it should come in late 2015. Ford says there won't be any major changes. It's not just the look, it's the drive. If you had a real exceptional engine with a flatplane crankshaft with the engine of the GT350 Mustang, it is quite different in the GT. The 3.5 liter EcoBoost-V6 is above all a statement. You no longer need a V8. Not even to win Le Mans. Because: The GT will start in Le Mans, otherwise the exercise in Detroit would not have been needed. Ford is obviously proud that the small six-cylinder easily surpasses the 600PS-Makre (and all without plug-in hybrid nonsense).

The GT is a car to drive. Fast and direct, without filters. The reluctance in the number of cylinders is a concession enough, so there is no need for electric motors or other assistance. A stiff carbon fiber chassis, paired with a racing chassis and a fast double clutch transmission are enough to make the competition fear. Because: a Ford GT is a Ford GT. Because they know what they're doing.




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