FORD, my first time.

Ford EcoBoost 1.0-liter - Compare Engines
Source: FORD

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about webinars. Especially if these come from automobile manufacturers and you should get additional information for your “work” or your “blog”. ^^

But today I did it, my first online webinar - with Ford, of all things;). There is a good reason for this, because Ford has presented a 3-cylinder 1-liter engine for the current Focus and I was very skeptical about this decision.

I know 3 cylinder turbo from the SMART 42 😉 - with a little more power it does a good job there, but is a very thirsty sidekick on long journeys.

FORD offers the new 3 cylinder Ecoboost engine with 100 and 125 HP - and is convinced of the advantages of this decision. So I just had to ask a few questions.

My first question was about the difference between minimum and maximum consumption of the engine in daily use. Turbo is running, Turbo is drinking. An old proverb and today still good to watch in many turbo engines.

While experiencing real consumption miracles with cruise control 90 on the highway, the consumption at a brisk ride (average 140) increases often overpoportional. One reason for this (among other things and beyond the laws of aerodynamics) is the thermal health of the engine. A turbo engine becomes extremely hot due to the increased compression in the area of ​​its exhaust gases, and if you require a lot of power, you have to inject additional fuel to cool the combustion temperatures. The FORD man has explained this in good English even more beautiful. (But I also understand that, I hope.)

Important to me was the answer:

FORD said: Yes, the basic statement is correct, but there are some design features in the 3-cylinder Ecoboost (exhaust gas turbocharger manifold integrated in the head and integrated in the water circuit), which avoid such “over-enrichment” of the combustion in favor of falling combustion chamber temperatures and the health of the catalytic converter. The following statement is important: Only from 4.500 revolutions per minute, according to the FORD technician, there is a significant “deterioration” in the efficiency of the engine. Since I do not yet have a gearbox diagram of the new FOCUS with the 3 cylinder EcoBoost, I cannot yet say which speed is present at this rotation in the last gear. I'm excited.

Even for the question of the life of such a small powerhouse gave the FORD technician all-clear. FORD applies the same durability criteria to all engines. Even with a liter output of 125PS per liter of displacement, the targeted total mileage is to be achieved. Sounds good.

Really “nice” is the “comparison picture” that you made available online:

Ford EcoBoost 1.0-liter - Compare Engines
Source: FORD

Was my first time bad? No. Rather interesting 😉


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