Buying advice: Ford Puma

The Ford Puma is one of the most active mini crossover models. But it is not only convincing emotionally.

Small crossovers are especially fashionable. The Ford Puma also values ​​practical virtues and comes up with a smart cargo space concept. There are also fast engines and relatively low prices.

In brief

The puma is more than a high fiesta. You can already sense this at the front in the style of its big brother Kuga and recognize it when you look into the trunk, which is much larger than in the small car model thanks to a huge additional compartment under the loading floor. Both have the crisp chassis: The Puma is one of the most active models in its class, but still offers a decent level of comfort on long journeys.

Clearly arranged with a lot of space

With a maximum of 4,23 meters, the Puma is more than a hand's breadth longer than the Fiesta. Nevertheless, the five-door remains handy and city-friendly. The front is quite airy. Passengers look at a sensibly arranged cockpit with logical operation, good workmanship and pleasant materials - not everything here is made of hard plastic. At the rear, the high shoulders and the sloping roofline limit the amount of space, but you can take a lot of luggage with you. The loading opening is quite large and wide, and bulky goods fit upright in the back thanks to the standard 80-liter additional compartment in the floor. Practical: There is a drain on the floor so that the box can be rinsed out with water.


The core of the Puma portfolio are the 1,0-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged cylinders that Ford markets under the name “Eco Boost”. The best choice for most buyers is likely to be the mild hybrid variant with 92 kW / 125 PS, where a 48-volt starter ensures powerful acceleration and low consumption. Above this is a variant with 114 kW / 155 PS, which is around 1.500 euros more expensive. The basic engine is a variant with 70 kW / 95 PS, which has to get by without electrical assistance and can only be combined with the simplest equipment line. The only diesel is a 1,5-liter four-cylinder with 88 kW / 120 PS, which could only be worthwhile for those who drive a lot. The power transmission takes care of a six-speed manual gearbox in all cases, if you want an automatic, you have to choose the 92 kW / 125 hp petrol engine, which in this version is not a mild hybrid. In addition to the standard range, there is also the Puma ST sports model with a 147 kW / 200 PS 1,5-liter three-cylinder cylinder and manual transmission. There is no all-wheel drive for the Puma, as well as for most of its direct competitors.

Technical extras only on the more expensive lines

The Puma is only really cheap in the basic line "Cool & Connect" (from 20.000 euros), which, as the name indicates, has the most important standards with air conditioning and radio, but has clear gaps in styling. Upon request, they can fill the next two levels “Titanium” (from 23.500 euros) and “ST-Line” (from 24.900 euros), the former with more elegant details, the latter with sporty details. In both cases, further technical extras complement the equipment list. The more exclusive add-ons - from the B&O sound system to the automatic air conditioning - are reserved for the next higher levels “Titanium X” (from 25.500 euros) and “ST-Line X” (from 26.900 euros). The program is crowned by the “ST-Line Vignale” (from 29.340 euros), which is not quite as opulent as in the Focus and Mondeo model series, but offers almost full equipment for the Puma. Various assistance, design and comfort packages as well as a few individual options such as a panoramic sliding roof (975 euros) can also be booked. Regardless of the official list prices mentioned here, Ford regularly offers its models at very low promotional prices, so it's worth taking a look at the website.


For savers Ford Puma Cool & Connect, 70 kW / 95 PS, petrol engine, front-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, comfort package (including rear parking beeper), price: from 20.860 euros (special offer: 18.570 euros).

For the comfort-oriented Ford Puma Titanium, 92 kW / 125 PS, gasoline engine, front-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, comfort package, driver assistance package, technology package (including LED headlights), electric tailgate, price: from 27.000 euros (special offer: 23.900 euros) .

For athletes Ford Puma ST X, 147 kW / 200 PS, petrol engine, front-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, metallic paint, limited-slip differential, price from: 33.800 euros (special offer: 30.500 euros).

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