The Mustang Mach-E - a competitor for Tesla?

Ford starts fully into the electric age in 2021

It is expected that Ford will launch an electric SUV with the Mustang Mach-E in 2021, probably for a very attractive price. The addition “Mustang” has its reasons, which are mainly due to marketing. The Mach-E also has some design features that are so typical of the legendary sports car.

The modern Mustang

What makes the new Mach-E so charming? Maybe it's the horse jumping on the grille with disguises. The electric Mustang also takes on the light signature with the three bars and the three-part 3D taillights of the original. However, the question arises: Why is the Mustang becoming an SUV with an electric motor at all? The main reason is that both the market for SUVs and the market for cars with electric motors are booming. Ford has left nothing to chance with its new Mustang and it looks like a very clever move by the Americans.

A competitor for Tesla?

What would happen if Ford still launched the Mustang Mach-E as a sedan? This variant would probably be a direct competitor for the Tesla Model 3. The Tesla is available in the basic version “Standard Plus” with a range of 400 kilometers from just under 43.000 euros. The sedan from Ford may have a sporty cut and is somewhat reminiscent of the Audi e-tron GT Concept with its imposing rear fender. Ford already has the engines for such a car; they are already being used on the 4,71 meter long Mach-E.

More range

The basic version of the Mach-E has 269 hp and a 430 Newton meter electric motor on the rear axle. The 76 kWh battery in the SUV should last for 410 kilometers. If the sedan has a 99 kWh battery and a 294 hp motor, the range is 610 kilometers. The motors and battery packs are already available; the starting price would be around 45.000 euros. Many Tesla customers could ponder the price.