New Ford Focus RS: the hit from Cologne

Ford causes surprise effects: the automobile manufacturer unexpectedly showed the new edition of the GT super sports car at its home fair in Detroit at the beginning of the year. And now Ford Germany is sending the top model of the Focus - in the same blue body color - onto the road. After the ST and its 250 hp in the compact class of the Cologne-based company were briefly over, the new edition of the Focus RS comes to over 320 hp.

If the predecessor was still powered by a 2,5-liter five-cylinder turbo with 224 kW / 305 hp, the 2,3-liter petrol engine with four cylinders known from the new Mustang works under the hood of the latest Ford Focus RS. It gets more than 235 kW / 320 PS from the unit. This means that it is even superior to the muscle car, which in the basic version “only” has 231 kW / 314 hp. The latest variant of the Focus RS is produced in Saarlouis, Saarland. From there it is not only delivered to Europe, but this time all over the world.


The Ford Focus RS does not have an extreme appearance. Of course, the potent five-door car differs from its more civilian sister models, for example, by the rear spoiler, a modified front section, widespread wheel arches, a sports exhaust system and air intakes in the sides of the lower bumper, but it has removed the extreme appearance of its predecessor.

Ford wants to provide detailed information about the newcomer during the official world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (March 5 to 15). In terms of price, the hit from Cologne will probably settle somewhat below the competition of Audi S3, Mercedes A45 AMG or Golf R, which start from 40.000 euros.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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