News: Ford C-Max - Until further notice at a bargain price

Offers at a promotional price of 16.490 euros Ford from now on the freshly lifted compact Van C-Max. The one-liter, three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 74 kW / 100 PS provides the drive, and features include air conditioning, CD radio, on-board computer and central locking. As a Grand C-Max with an extended wheelbase and sliding doors, the campaign model costs 17.990 euros. The manufacturer gives the customer benefit at 3.610 euros. The offer is valid until canceled. The lifted C-Max can be ordered now, deliveries start in June.

The actual entry-level version with the 63 kW / 85 hp 1,6-liter petrol engine remains unattractive for so long. The manufacturer demands 17.850 euros for them, but the air conditioning must be paid extra.

As with the platform dispenser Focus, the lifting of the C-Max is reflected on the outside in a heavily revised front. The most striking details are the large grille in the new style of the brand and the slimmer headlights. In the interior, Ford has thinned out the wild button growth and given the C-Max a new, more user-friendly operating concept in line with the Focus. The engine range has been comprehensively renewed. Ford has shrunk the 1,6-liter turbo gasoline engine to 1,5 liters in order to reduce consumption.

The power remains unchanged at 110 kW / 150 PS or 134 kW / 182 PS. Completely new to the range are the 1,5-liter diesels that replace the previous 1,6-liter units. Two power levels with 70 kW / 95 PS and 88 kW / 120 PS are available. The range is completed by the well-known three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with a liter displacement and either 74 kW / 100 PS or 92 kW / 125 PS output. On the diesel side, there is still the 2,0 liter engine with 110 kW / 150 PS.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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