News: Ford Mondeo Tournament 2.0 TDCi - Autobahn instead of Alpine pass

With a little delay the new Mondeo is now available in Germany

There are three rules in the middle class on the German market: it is dominated by domestic brands, station wagons play a more important role than sedans and diesel are clearly overrepresented compared to petrol engines. Our test car could hardly have fit better: Ford, Tournament, diesel. And the Cologne is still a relatively new vehicle, at least in this country, but more on that later.

Let's take a look at the Mondeo first. We see a well-proportioned vehicle with a short overhang at the front, the body folds common today, but with a roof line that slopes only slightly towards the rear. Ford has thus resisted the temptation to turn the tournament into a lifestyle object and to enforce a hardly definable “sport” claim at the expense of space and convenience.

Because space has always been one of the strengths of the Mondeo and above all an important purchase criterion. In fact, you sit so well in the back that at least two adults don't have to be afraid of a very long drive. Especially since the seats fit perfectly. The trunk also looks spacious. But: Compared to the predecessor, the volume has decreased. Not with the basic compartment, here it remains at just under 490 liters, but the maximum capacity is only 1.630 liters, compared to 1.740 in the predecessor. Not to mention the fact that the new VW Passat even packs up to 1.780 liters. And that despite the fact that it is 10 centimeters shorter than the Ford, which is already shaking the upper middle class at 4,87 meters. What did they do with the whole room?

Compared to its predecessor, the new Mondeo has lost some of its lightness
Compared to its predecessor, the new Mondeo has lost some of its lightness

A big car, and you can feel it when driving. Compared to its predecessor, the new Mondeo has lost some of its lightness. The vehicle is full on the road, but a lot has been lost from the much-praised agility of most Ford products. The tournament has an unwavering straight line, but he prefers to take corners comfortably. So rather on the highway with him than on the Alpine pass.

Perhaps it is due to its origins and the somewhat curious history associated with it. In a nutshell: The Mondeo is largely identical to the Ford Fusion built in the USA. It has been there since autumn 2012 and should come to Europe a year later. However, with the closure of the Genk plant and the relocation of production to Spain, he has only been on the market since the beginning of this year, almost two and a half years after the merger. So, strictly speaking, the Mondeo is neither brand new, nor is it a completely European car.

First of all, that's not supposed to mean anything. Because formally this Ford is quite successful, there is actually enough space and the workmanship looks very high quality. The devil is more in the details, so the operation via touchscreen does not pose any puzzles, but intuitively it would also be different. We felt similarly ambivalent about the drive. The large diesel with 180 horses is convincing as such, but in combination with the manual six-speed gearbox and its miserably long higher gears, much of the driving fun is robbed, presumably in favor of cheaper standard fuel consumption. That is an impressive 4,5 liters. However, we managed only 2.000 liters with different driving styles over a total distance of over 7,2 kilometers.

The processing of the new Ford Mondeo is very high quality
The processing of the new Ford Mondeo is very high quality

In view of the manual transmission, which was not convincingly coordinated, we would definitely recommend investing 2.000 euros in the six-speed dual clutch transmission. That should be in there, because the Mondeo is priced very competitively - as it is said in marketing German - especially in comparison to the Passat. Our tournament costs 35.450 euros in the quite extensive titanium equipment and with the large diesel. With many extras (navigation system, reversing camera, parking pilot system, LED headlights, various assistants etc.), our test car came to just under 43.100 euros.

Conclusion: A vehicle with strengths, but also some weaknesses. However, these can be partially avoided (gear selection) and they will not be relevant for everyone. If you primarily use your car on long journeys, you might not notice the lack of agility of the Mondeo, at least not disturb it.

Author: Peter Eck / SP-X

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