News: Ford Mustang - The best horse in the stable

The Mustang is also available as a convertible

After half a century, the most famous car in the USA officially comes to Germany. And the same as a real bargain: the Ford Mustang with four cylinders and 233 kW / 317 PS are available from 35.000 Euro. Should it be 310 kW / 421 PS from a V8, 40.000 euros will be charged. The extra charge for the convertible version is 5.000 Euro.

The quality has grown significantly compared to the past
The quality has grown significantly compared to the past

The four-cylinder is available for the first time for a Mustang. Although the 2,3 liter turbo engine sounds a bit strained during strong acceleration, its performance is always sufficient. Especially since he also provides plenty of torque in the rev cellar. But many fans will choose the V8, even in this country Ford expects a sales share of two-thirds. As far as the costs are concerned, the 5.000 Euro surcharge for the four-cylinder should hardly be a problem, rather the regular fuel bills, because while in practice you can easily move the "small" petrol engine with less than 10 liters of fuel, it will hardly be possible with the V8 to stay under 15 liters.

The new Mustang also impresses with "European" driving characteristics. The new suspension with independent suspension is a huge progress compared to the previously used variant with rigid axle. A positive surprise is also the increased quality in the interior. Although there are still some real hard plastic in some places, but also lots of leather and loving details. Ford has also generously equipped the Mustang with leather-padded, electrically adjustable sports seats, automatic climate control, reversing camera, audio system and much more. In addition, you should take another 2.500 Euro in hand for the so-called premium package, then Navi, the connectivity system Snyc 2 with 8 inch touchscreen, a higher-quality sound system, wider tires and air-conditioned front seats are included.

With closed hood
With closed hood

It looks like the Mustang would have to be distributed rather than sold. 1.800 contracts have already been signed in Germany, 3.500 will probably still be this year, next year via 4.000. If you don't want one of the Mustang pre-ordered by Ford, but want to put the vehicle together individually, you have to expect around three months delivery time.


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