Nobel SUV: Ford Kuga Vignale

We didn't just know that premium is in since Audi became an up-and-coming brand. In the past it was pretty staid and the dream of every accountant (no offense!), But now the people of Ingolstadt tend to target hip city dwellers with well-filled wallets. But the premium class should not only be divided between the three big brands and a few others, such as Lexus: Ford also wants to take a seat at the well-laid premium table and is now offering the SUV Ford Kuga as Vignale.

The Ford Mondeo is already available with the additional name and is fairly well known. You can also get the S-Max and the Edge as Vignale, which is probably not known to many. Since SUVs are very popular and the Ford Kuga is something of a blockbuster among Cologne, this series is now also getting a Vignale variant.

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Varnish and leather: Fine ambience in the Ford Kuga Vignale

Shortly after the turn of the year, the time has come and the Nobel Kuga celebrates its market launch. Curiosity: The particularly splendid equipment of the SUV is assembled by hand. You don't expect that from a Ford. The seats are covered with noble “Windsor leather” and their fine look is complemented by diamond quilting. The premium feeling is further enhanced by a leather-covered dashboard.

Externally, the Kuga Vignale can be recognized by new sills and aprons. In addition, Ford used more chrome trim and granted this Kuga a special color called “Vignale Milano Grigio”. In this way, the dark, new, hexagonal radiator grille can be perfectly set off and in the limelight.

The engines, which come from the range of the “normal” Kuga, want that too. However, the best is just good enough here, after all, Ford only installs the top units. In the case of gasoline engines, that would be the 1.5 Ecoboost, which is available in two power levels. 150 or 182 HP are available, although only the more powerful drive can be delivered with all-wheel drive and automatic. The diesel engines also produce 150 or 180 hp, with the more powerful diesel delivering four-wheel drive free of charge. The only thing that is interesting now is the budget that you have to have on hand for the chic Cologne locals. The Cologne-based company owes us numbers.

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