Short drive: Ford Fiesta Sport

Little Cologne riot box?

The Ford Fiesta with the 140 PS turbo gasoline engine in a short driving report

The facts sound boring. Only three cylinders. Just one liter of displacement and all in a small car. This combination doesn't really sound like sinful lust. Not even if the three-cylinder is a turbo engine? For Ford's EcoBoost turbo, which has won several awards as “Engine of the Year”? What if it's not the standard 100 hp, but cheering juvenile and boost pressure hissing 140 hp? Ha! Suddenly, everyday bread turns into a holiday menu.

Ford Fiesta in sports mode

Since the facelift, the little Cologne's snout has been reminiscent of an English sports car. It may or may not be a coincidence. As a sports fiesta, the beautiful radiator grille is also made up. The black Fiesta Sport wears red make-up and the red Fiesta black make-up. The black Fiesta Sport was available for a short spray tour. Its red make-up looks very youthful and a little too brash. One suspects almost a D&W sticker on the rear window or at least an oversized Kenwood sticker. But far from it. Even if the target group is not happy about it, the sports fiesta is not likely to be for all-too-brash young, first-time automobile offenders. The tuning element of the contrasting colors acts as a warning. Beware of pressure. The 140 PS Fiesta is after the Fiesta ST (Driving report follows at the end of the year!) the hottest sports comrade in this performance class. There we treat the Cologne the masquerade.

If you do not want to show the sports show to others in public, you better choose the basic color red, then the black contrasting colors will be less obtrusive. Black roof, black mirrors, black grille, black rims. That's neatly subtle in the sports message. But it works. Or you just let it go. Because that's what Ford offers for the Sport Fiesta.

Report Ford Fiesta Sport 18 140 PS Cologne dwarf

From € 18.700 for the daily sports show

Much more important than the play of colors and the large rear spoiler is the performance that you get for the one-time payment of 18.700 € at the Ford dealer. With 180 Nm pushes the 1.0 liter EcoBoost Turbo in the five gears, as if he wanted to wipe the memories of the old sports comrades from the blow of a Golf GTI or an Opel GSI from the face of the earth. About 200 km / h? Create the Fiesta Sport. Under 10 seconds at 100 km / h? Of course, too. Although the Fiesta Sport here gives the stronger and even more sporty Fiesta ST more than just a decency-second.

But the Fiesta Sport is even tamer than the ST when it comes to daily riding. He remains decent on the subject of suspension comfort without being unwieldy or less agile. Its spring-damper elements don't seem tuned regardless of the driver's intervertebral discs. The little - still sporty - brother of the Fiesta ST does a fine balancing act.

On the one hand he is a riot box and thunder ball with boost pressure, on the other hand, he does not span the bow and does not let the sports lesson torture.

At the end...

At just under 4 meters (3.982 mm), the Fiesta is no longer a very small car. The second row of seats not only fulfills an alibi function. The seats fit and the fine details such as the aluminum pedals in the footwell do not look like lame small car fare. Still, it's not all sunshine and rain: Although the Fiesta's facelift wasn't too long ago, the old entertainment system in the interior is still annoying. The combination of the small display and the many buttons cannot keep up with the rest of the performance of the little sports dwarf.

140 hpfrom € 18.700
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