Full throttle alternative at the Nürburgring - Focus LPG

With the starting number 209, a very special kind of “full-throttle alternative” will be taking part in today's 24h qualification race at the Nürburgring. Environmentally friendly alternative drives and full throttle, does that go together? Yes, if you install a liquid gas tank in the trunk of the Ford Focus RS and retrofit the sharp Cologne five-cylinder with a Prinz gas system.

The Ford Focus RS used by OVR-Racing from Cologne was optimally prepared for use on the Nordschleife. The five-cylinder turbo engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters develops 350 hp. An H&R racing chassis is hidden under the stripped-down sheet metal clothing of the Cologne-based man. 10 × 18 inch motorsport rims rotate on the axles. As in the series, the racing car naturally also has front-wheel drive.

The team with drivers Ralph Caba, Volker Lange and Oliver Sprungmann starts the qualifying race for the 24-hour race from position 60. The best time in training after on the Nordschleife now speed limits 10: 36,157.




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