Formentor VZ5 – Let five be straight

Cupra, the sporty offshoot of Seat, now crowns its model range with the Formentor VZ5, a five-cylinder in-line with seven-speed DSG and 390 hp.  If you also need 60 hp more, you can use the tuning package from Abt. Autohub felt the pulse of the fiery Spaniard.     

Formentor VZ5 – Let five be straight

Drivers with petrol in their veins are enchanted by the roar when revving up the 2,5 liter engine five cylinders reported turbocharging im Cupra Formentor VZ 5 inevitably a grin on his face. The friendly provision of the Audi unit, which was previously reserved exclusively for particularly sharp models from Ingolstadt, is limited to 7.000 units. There won't be more, not for money and good words.

Formentor VZ5 from ABT

390 hp and a torque of up to 480 Newton meters between 2.250 and 5.700 rpm make the Formentor VZ 5 - the VZ stands for the Spanish word "veloz", which means fast - the most powerful Cupra of all time. The compact, 4,2 meter long crossover takes just 4,47 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, and the limit is reached at 250 km/h – governed. Of course, the Audi house and yard tuner Abt still stops for the Cupra treats ready: An upgrade from the Allgäu raises the output to 450 hp, the top speed then reaches - unlimited - up to 270 km/h. Convincing sprint ability is only half the battle. 

With the VZ 10, which is 5 mm lower than the "normal" VZ, the young Spanish VW subsidiary Cupra wants to show how much more fun there can be in a car. The main players in addition to the Ingolstadt cult engine: the standard one High-performance brake system by Japanese specialists Akebono, slightly staggered copper-colored twin tailpipes and a torque splitter on the rear axle, which can distribute the engine power between the rear wheels via two multi-plate clutches as the situation requires.  

If, for example, you drive through a left-hand bend, more engine power is automatically sent to the right rear wheel on the outside of the bend, which means that the vehicle seems to turn into the bend by itself. This, together with the precise steering, gives the more than 1,6 ton and tightly tuned Formentor VZ 5 a unexpected dynamic and lightness of foot. 

Don't drift for the public roads

A new driving mode allows for the first time that with the torque vectoring differential too Drift is possible. Then, with ESP switched off, the rear wheel on the outside of the curve is blessed with torque to drift sideways and the dance can begin. However, you should only activate the mode on closed roads, because the vehicle will only be prevented from tipping over in extreme emergencies.

Into the Spanish performance SUV you have to invest at least 62.700 euros and should take into account a consumption of not less than 11 liters of Super. Despite all the driving pleasure at the current fuel prices, both can tear sensitive holes in the budget.

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