Garage Gold - Good returns with classic cars and alternative forms of investment

Today, when the interest on credit balances is often close to zero (in the case of business customers or credit balances, the word “penalty interest” is even making the rounds), especially the wealthy are looking around for alternative investment strategies. In addition to vintage cars, fine wines or works of art have long since become the focus of interest as a lucrative investment. So what is the best way to deal with the current low interest rates?

In fact, based on the so-called "concrete gold" (meaning: real estate as an investment), a new neologism has long been making the rounds: garage gold.


Garage gold - Where are the best returns?

Garage gold does not only mean youngtimers that have the potential to increase in value. In fact, the prices for a G-series Porsche, for example, have risen steadily in recent years. But it doesn't necessarily have to be the luxury car if you invest in driving pleasure plus returns.

After all, the Citroën 2CV4, the little "duck", has also recorded explosive increases in value in the past. Above all, of course, when the original colors are in demand and when the object of desire is in good condition.

When small cars are suddenly very popular

Similar increases in value could also German classics as Investment reach. In addition to the universally popular VW Beetle, for example, the T 2, which has experienced an increase in value of around 600 percent. Anyone looking for a vehicle with stable value does not necessarily have to invest in special series or even in the luxury segment. Because when it comes to cars, a transporter can suddenly become a star.

Challenging low interest rates: Classic cars and other alternative forms of investment could be a good idea right now!

On the other hand, even experts find it difficult to predict exactly which new release has the potential to become a collector's item later on. Customers initially reacted cautiously when the Mercedes 190 came onto the market. Today, on the other hand, the durable vehicles are considered cult objects that have long had their value, garage gold for good money.

who at classic car purchase If you want to make a good return, you are therefore generally well advised to look around for vintage and youngtimers that are already known for their stable value development right from the start. If the condition and price are then correct (profits are still generated via the purchase (price)!), you can usually do little wrong.

Achieve a good return with garage gold in the low-interest phase
Achieve a good return with garage gold in the low-interest phase

Does it always have to be a vehicle, or rich with wine?

Incidentally, there are now funds that do not rely on companies, precious metals and real estate, but instead on classic cars as a good profit. In general, the trend towards alternative investments seems to be more pronounced than ever before, especially among the wealthy. It was not for nothing that the Wirtschaftswoche starting with the question of whether wine makes you rich. In fact, even a single bottle can be worth thousands of dollars.

This applies above all to rarities and cellar finds, which – assuming a noble droplet – are often coveted by collectors and auction houses. After all, wine remains drinkable for decades if it is stored correctly.

Wine as a good investment
Wine as a good investment

Of course, it also depends on the vintage how high the price of a bottle rises. Experts therefore recommend that when it comes to wines that serve as an investment, you should focus primarily on top vintages. Nevertheless, here too, prices fluctuate, similar to stocks. It therefore makes sense to only exchange money that is definitely not needed for a fine wine. This means that you can simply sit out at times when prices are plummeting.

Money and returns with art? Hop or top?

Of course, art can also be turned into money. Provided you have the right nose (and the necessary time). Because it often takes a long time before a promising talent really becomes known. High initial yields are therefore rather rare.

It also seems to depend on the epoch how great the chance of success is. Oddly enough, in addition to the post-war period, modernity is particularly in demand. Given a bit of luck and foresight, contemporary art can be a lucrative deal.

Works of art as a form of investment
Works of art as a form of investment

Whereby alternative investment properties still have their charm even if there is no return: After all, we can enjoy the sight of our vintage car or painting every day. And as is well known, a fine drop can also be enjoyed even while looking at your own garage gold!

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