Honda HR-V e: HEV - He wants to save

Also the new one Honda HR-V comes onto the market exclusively as a hybrid. This has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

The new edition of the Honda HR-V is in the starting blocks. The third generation of the compact SUV will be launched in Germany at the beginning of 2022, an exact date is not communicated due to the lack of chips and not always smoothly functioning transport routes for the model produced in Japan. But the price is fixed: the Honda dealer requires at least 30.400 euros. 

Equipment not too economical

When it comes to the price, one or the other should be taken aback. But Honda is self-confidently pricing its vehicles in, but in return foregoing lean basic variants. The “Elegance” version of the HR-V offers, among other things, LED headlights, heated front seats, a navigation system, smartphone integration and 18-inch alloy wheels. There is also the class-standard security and assistant scopes as well as a clever room concept and an appealing design. 

Honda HR-V e: HEV - He wants to save
Inside, the Honda appears decidedly modern and very tidy, largely dispensing with switches and buttons in favor of a large touchscreen

In terms of design, the Japanese have returned to clear lines after phases of experimental expressive design. The 4,34 meter long HR-V corresponds to the currently popular designs for an SUV and comes up with accentuated wheel arches including large wheels (18 inches), elongated lighting units, a large radiator grille and, of course, a sloping roof line. This has little effect on the headroom of the rear passengers.

The air sovereignty over the apex of passengers up to 1,90 meters tall should still be given. The legroom of the fellow passengers is also generous, both front and rear. Speaking of space: like the small car Jazz, the HR-V has so-called Magic Seats on board. The rear seats can not only be folded down, but also folded up, similar to a cinema. So you can also transport bulky goods between the two rows of seats. However, the trunk volume is smaller than the class average. In the standard configuration, including a small storage compartment under the trunk floor, 335 liters fit into the luggage compartment. If you fold the rear seat backs, the value increases to around 1.300 liters. 

No cheap quality

Inside, the Honda appears decidedly modern and very tidy, largely dispensing with switches and buttons in favor of a large touchscreen. The air conditioning can still be regulated manually, for example. As is typical for Honda, the workmanship is good, the choice of materials is a good class average. 

Honda makes the choice of engine easy for customers. It is only available with a hybrid drive. The "e: HEV" drive system consists of two electric motors that are connected to a 1,5-liter petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and a direct drive via a power control. The technical layout is already known from jazz, but it has been adapted for use in the HR-V. 

Two electric motors

A 1,5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 79 kW / 107 PS and 131 Nm is used as the petrol engine. The drive is usually a 96 kW / 131 PS electric motor with 253 Nm. The second electric motor acts as a generator. There is no longer a transmission in the traditional sense, but a fixed gear ratio. 

Honda HR-V e: HEV - He wants to save
The third generation of the compact SUV will be launched in Germany in early 2022

Depending on the driving situation, the HR-V switches between three different drive modes. In electric mode, the electric motor uses the energy stored in the battery and provides propulsion. If the battery cannot deliver enough “juice”, the four-cylinder gasoline engine drives the second electric motor in hybrid mode, which in its function as a generator produces energy for the battery. Although the petrol engine does not act directly on the wheels in most situations, it can be connected directly to the drive wheels via a lock-up clutch.

The "engine drive" occurs approximately when driving at full load or in the speed window between 80 and 120 km / h. The driver does not notice much of the clever drive concept. The system runs almost imperceptibly in the background, provided you use a gentle foot on the accelerator. However, when the gas pedal is depressed, for example in the acceleration lane of a motorway entrance or to overtake, the petrol engine acknowledges with a loud hum. Until the system has adjusted to the fast provision of services, it feels like you are out and about. 

City and rural areas are his territory

If you want to drive from A to B as quickly as possible on the motorway, you will probably not be happy with the HR-V; the 1,5 ton Japanese is not a dynamic man. Higher speeds (a maximum of 170 km / h) and full-load driving are not his thing. Its locations are in urban areas and on country roads. During the first test drives with the most relaxed gas foot - without being a rolling obstacle - the on-board computer showed consumption values ​​of around 5,5 liters, which is close to the WLTP value of 5,4 liters. If you travel a lot in the city, you can increase the recuperation of the braking energy via gear position "B" in order to top up the battery. This also helps to keep consumption low. 

As mentioned, those interested in HR-V have to dig deep into their pockets for the low consumption values. Honda assumes that most buyers will opt for the two higher levels of comfort (Advance: from 32.600 euros, Advance Style: from 35.300 euros). The scope of delivery includes, for example, an electric tailgate, a heated steering wheel or two-tone paintwork.

Technical data

Five-door, five-seat compact SUV, length: 4,34 meters, width: 1,87 meters (width with exterior mirrors: 2,03 meters), height: 1,58 meters, wheelbase: 2,61 meters, trunk volume: 335 - 1.305 liter 

HR-V e: HEV: 1,5-liter four-cylinder with 79 kW / 107 PS, maximum torque: 131 Nm at 4.500 - 5.000 rpm, electric motor: 96 kW / 131 PS and 253 Nm, 0-100 km / h: 10,7 s, Vmax: 170 km / h, standard consumption (WLTP): 5,4 liters / 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 122 g / km, emissions standard: Euro 6d, efficiency class: A +, Price: from 30.400 euros

In brief

Why: economical and good space
Why not: when you are always in a hurry
What else: Toyota CH-R, Kia XCeed, Mazda CX-30
When does he come: Early 2022

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