Caught: Honda Civic Type-R - undisguised!

Catch a king without camouflage? Nothing you can really do often. Our Erlkönig photographer did just that today and who drove the lens?


The new sporty compact car from the Japanese brand Honda should be no less than the fastest production car with front-wheel drive on the Nordschleife. And the Type-R Civic was also caught near the Nürburgring today.

Matt black with gold rims. Massive widenings on the fenders, a striking bumper and at the rear a powerful rear wing. The four large tailpipes are anything but subtle. Under the hood of the CIVIC Type R, a new two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine will do its job.

The Honda emblems have been masked off, but it is clear which car is driving on the Nordschleife for its test laps. The second car in tow of the Civic Type-R, a Mercedes A45 AMG, is interesting. Will the 320 hp CIVIC Type-R with front-wheel drive run faster over the Nordschleife than the A-Class with 360 hp and all-wheel drive? You will have to be patient until the numbers are known.


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