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Something completely different.  The Honda Jazz is definitely not known as a sports car and its buyers value its talents very different from that of a sporty small car. The Honda Jazz is a space miracle - because it is significantly larger inside than outside. 

The jazz

Honda offers sophisticated and above all practical jazz in different variants, one of them is one Hybrid versionthat I have already tested. I was curious about a completely different variation of the jazz music. A variant that not only offers space, but also to satisfy dynamic desires. The 100 PS strong jazz Si.

In the driving report:

HONDA Jazz Si 1.4 VTEC

"Instead of sports car"

Maximum space in the interior and do not consume too much floor space, the jazz is with its 3.9 meters and the high roof, a short mini-van for the city. The side windows are steep, so the only 1.7 meter wide jazz in the interior seems larger than one would expect from the outside.

Look here - I'm the athlete among the jazz colleagues

The design features for sporty vehicles are clearly present on the Si: a wider apron with integrated spoiler and fog lights at the front and a distinctively distinctive rear apron with a large chrome-plated exhaust pipe at the rear. In addition, wide sills painted in body color. Externally, the compact Japanese is therefore decidedly sporty. The Jazz Si can be ordered in six colors - my test car came in the fiery “Milano Red” - a color that literally screams: Look here - I have the same paint as a sports car from Italy. To match the picture, the Jazz Si rolls on 16 alloy wheels with 185 tires.

The Jazz Si ... 

Jazz Si album photo blog post

Watch and see

The Jazz Si flirts with the design of a very practical compact car that suddenly mutates into an athlete. Especially in the red / black combination of Milano red paint and black grill and bumper inserts he looks more dynamic than you want to concede his mini-van basic design.

The seating position and the space for the occupants is completely unsportsmanlike - you can enjoy a clear all-round view and do not crouch in a cramped and dark cave. To do this, you sit in the front row on comfortable chairs, which are typically Japanese and could simply be one size larger. Both the thigh support and the backrest are simply too short.

Cockpit Honda Jazz Si

The chassis was tuned firmer and the steering translates more directly, with other dampers and larger stabilizers making the clear-cut city van an extremely handy one Instead of sports cars. No, Of course, the Jazz Si is not a sports car in the sense of Porsche and Co. and also not a replacement for such, it is simply “adapted dynamically”. As you can expect from Honda, the details of the little red speedster are also right. The fact that the sportily designed Si did not have a more powerful engine was brave enough. The 100 hp VTEC petrol engine is also available in the less dynamic S version and even with the continuously variable CVT transmission.

Engine Honda Jazz Si 100 PS

100 PS from 1.4 liter cubic capacity

Technically, the Si engine does not get any extra sausages, the manual six-speed gearbox works well coordinated, perfectly together with the easy-revving small (1.4l displacement) naturally aspirated engine. 100 hp for the city? That doesn't sound like a lot of effort. But even on the autobahn, the Jazz Si doesn't take it easy.

The small engine on the highway turns on in fifth gear and shakes the speedometer needle at the 200 brand. Honda engines can do that, the Japanese by HONDA easy.

Rear seat Honda Jazz Si

Place in the smallest hut

Because of small: Outwardly, the Jazz may seem small with its not even 4 meters, but inside it plays all its trumps. He packs something away. No matter whether flower pots for coconut trees or several bicycles. Even a large flat screen can be easily transported thanks to the ingeniously variable rear seat bench. When folded down, the loading floor becomes large and almost level, and if you want to pack bulky items behind the front seats, you can simply fold up the seats on the rear bench - similar to a chair in a cinema. The space created in this way is easily enough for a bachelor's household.

What is the jazz Si especially good and are there any criticisms?

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Driving Report Honda Jazz Hybrid



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