Honda Civic Type-R? Nordschleife Photos

The current Honda Civic left me convinced after the first test drive. Seldom have I been so convinced of a new generation of compact cars from an importer as of this new Civic. The 150 HP diesel that was driven and the upscale equipment naturally played their part in this - which ultimately delivered a convincing performance. The driving report - quite short - can be found both on and in the (2 versions). But what about the sporty side of Honda? What's coming The new NSX has already made its rounds in feature films as a roadster and the closed version stands around at trade fairs and attracts hungry looks from fans of the brand. Now a US magazine wants prototypes of a HONDA Civic Type-R on the Nordschleife have discovered.

Civic Type-R on the Nordschleife?


Personally, I do not believe that you see 2 Type-R models here. Only because of the rear wing? No, I suppose here is more the desire, the mother of thoughts. A Type-R would probably also with special suspension, modified wheel / tire combination and a larger brake system on the ring road.

For me, however, both the wheels and the chassis package (height!) And especially the brakes look completely like the standard version. A Type-R variant with a terrible ironing board, trailer coupling and a small sheet metal lip under the front bumper? Rather unlikely. Even if the Nürburgring is always the home and yard of the automobile industry for their test drives - in this case I don't believe in Type-R Erlkönig.

For the vehicles shown, however, I would rather develop an accessory program (not this wing, please!) - or balance tests, for whatever reason. Let's see what the Honda press department can say about it.



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