Honda NSX: what lasts long

Shocked in the early 90s Honda Europe's proud sports car elite with the NSX. The mid-engine coupe is now celebrating its resurrection. At the Detroit Auto Show, the final series version has now been shown for the first time after dozens of studies. The sports car will be launched in the United States at the end of 2015 under the logo of the noble US subsidiary Acura. A short time later it is also offered in Europe - but then with the emblem of the parent brand.

The final version now looks a little less futuristic and a bit more aggressive than the previous concept vehicles. Compared to the last study from 2013, the production model has increased slightly in all dimensions. The length grew by eight centimeters to 4,47 meters, the wheelbase by two centimeters to 2,63 meters. There is more space for the hybrid drive consisting of a V6 biturbo petrol engine and three electric motors. The overall system is said to provide more than 550 hp, but no precise details are yet available.

The displacement of the internal combustion engine is just as little known as the detailed interplay of the hybrid components. But it is clear that there is an all-wheel drive and that the power is transmitted via a nine-speed dual clutch transmission. How fast and how economical the NSX is will also have to be seen.

At least the approximate US price for the Acura version is known: it should cost around $ 150.000. Experience has shown that in Europe it will be more than 150.000 euros, which would roughly correspond to the price of a Nissan GT-R Nismo. In comparison with European competitors like Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 Turbo, the Japanese would be cheap.

In this way, Honda already shocked the competition from Italy and Germany in the early 90s. The first NSX not only offered a lot of performance at a relatively low price, but is also considered a technical pioneer in many ways. Among other things, he already relied on lightweight aluminum, had an electronic throttle valve, power steering and an extremely high-revving V6 engine with titanium connecting rods. At that time, the engine had an output of up to 206 kW / 280 hp. The model was a huge success, especially in the USA, with around 18.000 units built worldwide. In Germany, however, the Nippon athlete could only be sold with high discounts - compared to Porsche or Ferrari, it lacked the necessary image too much. In 2005, stricter emission limits then ensured production. Just two years later, Honda presented plans for a new edition. Numerous studies followed, but initially fizzled. Now finally there is the production model.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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