Saving costs

The fourth generation of Honda Jazz has been in the dealers' showrooms since the beginning of June

Driving report: Honda Jazz e: HEV "Saving costs"

The new Honda Jazz wants to convince with economy. This works well, but requires the use of monetary funds.

The fourth generation of Honda Jazz has been in the dealers' showrooms since the beginning of June. As before, the small car has a lot of space as well as the so-called "Magic Seats". In addition to the standard jazz, there is also an SUV-like sister model with the suffix Crosstar. Interested parties must invest at least 22.000 euros. The only available engine option is a hybrid drive.

Depending on the driving situation, the jazz changes between three different modes

Honda Jazz e: HEV - ingenious engine combination

A lot of effort is required to make small cars economical and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Honda uses a hybrid system (e: HEV) that consists of the interaction of three motors and a lithium-ion battery. A 1,5-liter vacuum cleaner with 72 kW / 98 hp is used as the petrol engine. The drive is normally taken over by an 80 kW / 109 hp electric motor with 253 Nm. The second electric motor acts as a generator. There is no longer a gearbox in the traditional sense, but a fixed ratio.

Improved seats are used in the new edition

Honda Jazz e: HEV - with three driving modes

Depending on the driving situation, the jazz changes between three different modes. In electric operation, the electric motor uses the energy stored in the battery and provides propulsion. If the battery cannot deliver enough "juice", the four-cylinder petrol engine drives the second electric motor, which in its function as a generator produces energy for the battery. Although the petrol engine does not act directly on the wheels in most situations, it can be connected directly to the drive wheels via a lock-up clutch. This happens, for example, when driving at full load on the highway.

There are again buttons and keys to control navigation or automatic climate control directly without having to go through complicated menu navigation on the display

Honda Jazz e: HEV - it is so economical in use

The 4,04 meter long five-door car sprints from a standing start to 100 km / h in 9,4 seconds, and a maximum of 175 km / h is possible. During a first test round, the 1,3-ton jazz acted briskly and very quietly. The driver does not notice much about the interplay of the individual hybrid components, unless he observes a slightly pixelated graphic in the instrument display that shows which drive is currently active. It is much more exciting to look at the consumption display. Around six liters flowed through the pipes on the highway at a moderate pace. His savings talent came into play off the expressways. Even journeys on federal and rural roads quickly reduced consumption to below five liters. When the Eco button was activated, the thirst decreased again. If you drive with foresight and accelerate gently, you can easily reach the standard consumption of 4,5 liters (WLTP). If city traffic with a high proportion of recuperation is added, lower values ​​are certainly also possible. But you can also definitely enjoy driving briskly. Winding roads can be rushed through in a relaxed manner thanks to a balanced chassis, and the transmission is acoustically pleasant even at full load

During a first test round, the 1,3-ton jazz acted briskly and very quietly

Honda Jazz e: HEV - You have to be able to save

Saving, however, costs money. The cost of hybrid technologies is particularly noticeable in small cars. The Renault Clio in the hybrid version (from 22.440 euros) is also at the price level of jazz, and the new Toyota Yaris, which will debut in the autumn, will also start in similar price regions. After all, if you choose jazz, you will get, among other things, automatic climate control and LED lights, a height-adjustable driver's seat and a steering wheel that is adjustable in height and depth. Among other things, 10 airbags ensure safety, including an airbag between the front seats to prevent injuries caused by the driver and front passenger colliding. There are also a bunch of assistants on board ex works, including traffic sign recognition.

The trunk volume is between 304 and 1.205 liters

Honda Jazz e: HEV - base price from around € 23.000

Of course there is still room for improvement in the basic configuration. If you want aluminum rims, a smartphone connection for AppleCarplay and Android and a 9-inch touchscreen in addition to the multifunction display, you have to reach the next level of comfort (from 23.050 euros). If there are still sat nav, 16 inch aluminum, heated leather steering wheel and rear view camera on board, at least 24.650 euros are due. Then all assistants that Honda has in the program are ready for use. This includes distance cruise control, collision avoidance, active lane departure warning, blind spot warning and parking assistant. There is also an intelligent speed limiter that adjusts the speed to the applicable speed limit thanks to traffic sign recognition.

By the way: The Crosstar (from 26.250 euros) only comes in the top version and, in addition to the more distinctive add-on parts, also has roof rails, water-repellent seats and slightly increased ground clearance.

Honda Jazz e: HEV - the clever room concept remains!

Jazz scores as always with its clever spatial concept. The rear seats (magic seats) can not only be folded down, but also folded up, similar to a cinema. So you can also transport bulky goods in the rear. The trunk volume is between 304 and 1.205 liters. The space available for the occupants is very good for a small car. Improved seats are also used in the new edition. The Japanese have also improved the material selection compared to the previous generation. The feel is right. And there are buttons and buttons again to control navigation or automatic climate control directly without having to go through the complicated menu navigation on the display. That saves a lot of annoyance.

Honda Jazz e: HEV - Technical Specifications:

Five-door, five-seat small car; Length: 4,04 meters, width: not specified meters (width with exterior mirrors: 1,97 meters), height: 1,53 meters, wheelbase: 2,52 meters, trunk volume: 304 - 1.205 liters

e: HEV: 1,5 liter vacuum cleaner; 72 kW / 98 PS, electric motor with 80 kW / 109 PS and 253 Nm, electric motor as generator, lithium-ion battery, front-wheel drive, direct drive with fixed gear ratio, 0-100 km / h: 9,4 s, Vmax: 175 km / h, standard consumption (WLTP): 4,5–4,6 liters / 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions: 102 - 104 g / km, emissions standard: Euro 6d, efficiency class: A, price: from 22.000 euros

Honda Jazz e: HEV - short description:

  • Why: economical, plenty of space and now also good seats
  • Why not: The savings effect goes into the money
  • What else: the hybrid versions of Toyota Yaris and Renault Clio
  • When does it come: in stores since the beginning of June