News: Honda Civic Type R - extremely fast

A riotous version of the Honda Civic Type R is coming to Europe again this summer: the new, high-revving 2,0-liter turbo gasoline engine delivers 228 kW / 310 hp (400 Nm torque) and transfers its power to the via a six-speed manual transmission front wheels. The compact sports car celebrates its premiere at the Geneva Salon (March 5 to 15).


The strongest Civic built so far sprints from a standing start to 5,7 km / h in 100 seconds and becomes loud Honda up to 270 km / h and should outperform all front-wheel drive competitors. Sophisticated aerodynamics with a completely covered underbody, rear diffuser and wing as well as a wide front splitter should help.

A newly developed adaptive damper system is used so that the Civic driver can optimally use the new power of his racing car. When driving slowly, it should offer a high level of driving comfort. For this it is optimized in the setting "+ R" for use on the race track. Among other things, the racing mode also results in a very dynamic response behavior of the engine as well as a more direct steering response due to less steering power assistance. The power is held in check by a specially developed Brembo braking system.


The interior is also intended to convey the character of the compact sports car as a "racing car for the road": the typical aluminum gear knob remains, the sports seats and steering wheel are kept in the color combination of black and red.

So far, the German manufacturers have voluntarily limited themselves to 250 km / h in the compact power league. Individual models such as the upcoming Audi RS3 can, however, be electronically deregulated on request; the Ingolstadt then drives 280 km / h - but with all-wheel drive. The fastest compact sports car with front-wheel drive is currently the Renault Mégane RS with 254 km / h.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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