Eco offensive from Honda

Honda wants to expand its range of alternative powered vehicles. For 2018, the Japanese announced at the Detroit Auto Show a new battery electric car and a model with plug-in hybrid drive. In addition, more conventional hybrid models are expected to hit the market. In which markets the cars will be available, is still unclear.

However, 2016 already marks the launch of the eco-offensive fuel cell car FCV, which was presented as a study at the fair. The sedan should also help to catch up with Toyota in terms of alternative drives. The brand was initially almost on par with Toyota in the hybrid drive, some models such as the Insight or the CR-Z ran international but not good. In Germany, currently only the small car Jazz is offered with hybrid drive. A pure electric version of the model is available only in Japan and the US and there only in small numbers.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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