Seat fitting in the new Honda NSX - NAIAS 2015

Does perfection look like that in detail? The new Honda NSX, pardon, in the US, of course, it is considered Acura NSX sold, because Acura is the noble daughter of the Japanese, so the new one Honda Acura NSX actually looks like the studies of recent years. They triggered us with studies over the years and made us hot. And now comes the Edelviech and still looks extremely good. OK then! Thanks Honda!

In ice-cold Detroit they finally pulled the covers of the hottest sports car, which has been manufactured at HONDA so far. The new NSX has become a rat-sharp part. Coarse sharp lines and motorized with four aggregates beyond the flat roof line.

First seat fitting at the HONDA NSX in Detroit

As I know HONDA Germany, it will be a while before I can climb into the cockpit of the new NSX. AutoBild, ams and Autozeitung have probably already slipped over the athlete three times before Honda Germany publishes the new 550+ PS Protz to the autoblogger “Habby”. For free. Then board the cockpit first. Seat rehearsal in Detroit. Origami with the legs, the NSX is cut as tight as it looks in the pictures. On the other hand, as soon as you have folded into the NSX, which is just over 1 meter high, the seating position fits surprisingly well. The handy leather steering wheel can be adjusted in many ways and extensively. As is so often the case, the sports seat could be placed a little lower. But that actually always happens with Japanese athletes.

Honda NSX seat sample 03 NAIAS 2015

Satisfaction in the cockpit!

With your eyes closed you can already imagine the roar of the new V6 turbo in the rear of the NSX. The thrust from the turbo gasoline engine and the electric motor integrated in the 9-speed dual clutch transmission, however, are not yet available. Two electric motors are located at the front and provide hybrid all-wheel drive with torque vectoring. Actively bring in performance - or slow it down. The front axle of the new NSX should bring the most agile steering of all sports cars to the road.

The cockpit now includes the driver. The narrow and flat center console integrates us firmly. The windshield runs flat over the head, the A-pillars look unusually slim. The driver no longer notices the powerful B-pillar and the wind deflector elements behind it. He would also like to focus more on the performance than on the design.

Honda has shrunk the sports steering wheel, it feels great in the hand. Important functions have been integrated directly into it. Behind it a cockpit with clear instruments and a TFT display. Of course, there is also a “driving dynamics switch” so that you can switch between parking lot curve and racetrack performance. Starting purely electrically, the Honda NSX will be able to do it. Maximum boost thanks to turbo V6 and three electric motors, the NSX will also be able to do that.

After the first seat test in Detroit, you don't really want to get out of the car. Stay seated until the NSX is presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Secure the first chance for a ride. Pah, and if it's just the trip to the next car transporter - the NSX is addictive, right now!



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