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Test of the HONDA HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC

If you stop for a moment, you can hear the silence. The tranquility that has spread around the world's largest engine builder. HONDA has not had the big run in recent years. But, since the middle of 2015 a fresh wind blows in the Japanese. Not only the Honda Civic Type-R, the Honda NSX and the freshly made Civic Tourer are vying for attention, the new Honda HV-R is also on the showrooms to bring the brand to new heights. And suddenly there are still alternatives to the usual family cars!

In the test of the Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC

It looks big, at least bigger than it actually is. At first glance you don't notice that the 4,29 meter long HR-V shares the platform with the new HONDA Jazz and is actually a small car. It is also concealed at a second glance. The HR-V comes up with a slightly beefy front and massive fenders. The impression of a hobby off-roader is weakened by the elegant side lines with the slightly sloping roof line: The design conveys: It doesn't want to be so thick, it just wants to be practical.


Get in, get out - without bending down or bending. It is still the biggest argument for purchasing an SUV. And even if the HR-V maintains the close relationship to the JAZZ, it is precisely this extra feeling of space with which it can score again.

In the interior, pragmatism prevails, also in the choice of materials. At least it is easy to care for, as an inclined tester would throw in. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that with each generation, the feel is moving away from the rough commercial vehicle character and even a “small SUV” like the HR-V spoils with sensible material quality. In addition, a little chrome that looks like chrome-plated plastic and chrome-plated plastic - but at least provides a visual loosening up. However, HONDA has taken the matter of the shelves seriously. The HR-V offers a large central tunnel with a deep shelf, easy-to-use door pockets and a “hidden” compartment below the gearshift lever. This is now joined by a 7-inch multimedia system and gives the impression of a modern family car. The fact that HONDA supports Android Auto is commendable.


The softly dampened HR-V masters everyday life with a grade of 1. You may not be able to show off to your neighbors, but when it comes to “practical, safe and sensible” - you don't easily fool the HR-V. Honda has also electronically upgraded the assistants. A city emergency braking system and an automatic parking brake are always on board, and collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, traffic sign recognition and automatic high beam are also available on request. Honda also offers a speed limiter that uses information from traffic sign recognition and gives an acoustic warning if the set speed is too high for the section of road being driven.

Unfortunately something mau is the engine offer. Brand new, however, the 130 PS strong gasoline, which will also find its way into jazz. The top engine is coupled as standard to a six-speed gearbox, as an alternative is a CVT transmission available. The six hand-stirred courses are, as one might expect at Honda, modeled and fun to switch. Direct, jagged, that's how it goes with the manual. The 130 PS petrol engine sounds like a lot of power, but the cylinder capacity and lack of charging make the vacuum cleaner seem powerless. Although he, as soon as on tours, also the persistently fleet Hatz can. Only convincing he does not work. Even driving with moderate speed, however, he gauchiert with smoothness and economical use of fuel. With 6,2 liters, the average consumption was one liter above the norm. But falling under 5.5 is not a thing either. And even hearty turf he lets off with significantly below 10 liters.


That a lot of space and variability are important in a small car is actually an oximoron, but the greatest virtue in the small Honda SUV! The space is downright generous for this vehicle class. The practical back seat with the variable seats should make for a big cinema in hardware store parking lots: The seats can be folded up like cinema chairs, so that if necessary there is storage space from the footwell of the fund to the roof and flower pots and plants can be safely stowed away. The rear seats can also be folded down to create a level loading area, so the trunk volume varies between 453 and up to 1.026 liters. And if the parcels are a little longer again: The foldable backrest on the front seat allows objects up to 2,45 meters long to be transported.

The HR-V will be available in three trim levels. The basic versions (19.990 Euro for gasoline, 22.290 Euro for diesel) have among other things always climate, 16-inch alloy wheels and audio system on board. Well equipped with all sorts of comfort and safety features, the mini-SUV should then reach the 30.000 Euro mark. But that's not unusual in this type of vehicle.

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Practitioners who don't care about other people's opinions. The fur is worn inside.

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"It doesn't get any more practical"

Alternative to: Opel Mokka X, Peugeot 2008, Audi Q2
Match with: Young families and born pragmatists.
That convinces: Sense of space and efficiency

All technical data of the Honda HR-V 1.5 VTEC at a glance:

The vehicle registration for the HONDA HR-V 1.5i-VTEC

vehicle dataHonda
ModelHR-V 1.5i-VTEC
Enginefour cylinders
Mounting positionfront across
Valves / camshafts4 per cylinder / 2
camshaft driveChain
capacity1498 cc
kW (PS) at 1 / min96 (130) / 6600
Nm at 1 / min155/4600
Vmax192 km/h
gearSix-speed manual
Power Typefront-wheel drive
Brakes front / rearDiscs / disks
Test car tires215 / 55 R 17 V
tire typeMichelin Primacy 3
Wheel Size7 x 17"
Exhaust CO2134 g / km
Consumption*7,1 / 4,9 / 5,7 l
Tankinhalt50 l / Super
Pass-by noise73 dB (A)
Trailer load gebr./ungebr.1000/500 kg
Boot capacity470-1533 l
Length Width Height**4294 / 1772-2019 ** / 1605 mm
Test car price25.890 Euros
* city / out-of-town / total on 100 km (manufacturer information); ** Width with exterior mirrors
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Large gallery of the HONDA HR-V test car

[= ””] Text: Bjoern Habegger; Photo proof: Bjoern Habegger

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