Test: Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC

Loading capacity is full of Honda Jazz

Magic is something for students at Hogwarts Magic School, thought the developers of the five globally distributed centers of the Japanese manufacturer. With one or the other technical "subtlety" you could miss the small Honda much room volume. At the beginning of the new millennium, for example, the new edition of the Honda Jazz, which was distributed in the 80 years, was also known under the name "City". Marketed in Japan under the name "Fit", fierce discussions have sprung up in some parts of the world over the importance of the name. Thereupon one decided again for the name with the well-known music direction. Very stylish and with modern, comfortable equipment, jazz has been starting in Germany since 2013. However, not only as chices city vehicle, but also as a vehicle with high utility value. His price entry is Hondas Kleiner at 15.990 Euro.

Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC Elegance

Space wonders are no magic
Also as a business vehicle a good figure
Also as a business vehicle a good figure.

Global Car - the Honda Jazz

The B-segment vehicle is now a global car until it is ready for series production. Designed to a large extent in the development center in Offenbach am Main and further developed in the Japanese research and development center of the brand, it is the "bread and butter" car of the world's largest engine manufacturer. The jazz continues the design lines of its big vehicle brothers and blends in with the Honda distinctive front in the quite manageable portfolio of the Japanese in Europe. The far outward-facing headlights and the grille, which connects both with a chrome strip, leave the vehicle wide and strong on the road for its segment. The prominently placed "H" sign fulfills its purpose. The short overhangs at the front and back let the jazz act very agile. The rear view is visually stretched and athletic. Jazz is what you simply mean by a small car.

Narrow parking garages are no challenge
Narrow parking garages are no challenge.

Driving in the city made easy

We complete the test kilometers with the Jazz 1.3 liter i-VTEC "Elegance" both over urban streets and through the city gorges of the towns of the Rhine / Main area, which it masters with a nonchalance, but does not always deal with uneven road surfaces. Evasive maneuvers and parking situations do not pose a major challenge to Jazz, thanks to its small turning circle. He shows us a high level of stability and comfortable driving behavior. The adaptive electric power steering gives direct feedback and improves reliability on straights and corners alike. In this way, the vehicle also cuts a safe figure when running straight ahead. Thanks to its dynamic set-up, the jazz also motivates us to take fast turns. These driving characteristics were not only achieved through the further modified chassis, but also through the concept of the McPherson struts on the front axle and the torsion beam rear axle.

Fittings with clear lacquer look and navigation device
Fittings with clear lacquer look and navigation device.

Valuable interior

Once seated in the driver's seat and pressed the start button, which has now also found its way into the "new" Jazz, you can hear the 1.3 liter i-VTEC petrol four-cylinder with its 75 kW (102 hp) whirring quietly. The six-speed manual gearbox gets the vehicle, which weighs almost 1,3 tons, into motion with slight pressure. The standard consumption of 5,1 liters per 100 kilometers specified by the manufacturer cannot be fully achieved in practice. Our test car requires a good 6,2 liters. We think: small cars with a little more thirst. The little one from Japan scores well with its interior concept. Up to five people can be comfortably accommodated on a vehicle length of just under 4 meters. The cabin can convince with good material and processing quality. The well-structured cockpit with the navigation system as an eye-catcher also ensures a spacious feeling. What at first looks like magic in the trunk or trunk has a simple and very simple explanation. Take a 40 liter tank and slide it under the front seats. Et voilá - the "Magic Seats" are ready. This concept (never copied) not only allows you to fold down the rear seats at ground level, it is also possible to fold up the seat in the manner of a cinema chair. A trunk volume of up to 1.314 liters spreads.

Transporting mountain bike bicycles (up to 26 inches - front wheel removed) - no problem.

Front wheel off and into the good room
Front wheel off and into the good room.

Furniture or surfboards with a length of up to 2,40 meters (with the passenger seat folded down) - no problem.

Slide the surfboard into the side of the car and you're done
Slide the surfboard into the side of the car and you're done.

Shopping for larger parties. 24 boxes of water with PET bottles - no problem.

The next party can come - Of course, don`t drink and drive
The next party can come - Of course, don`t drink and drive.

Entire music formation with acoustic instruments - Simpático meets Jazz (www.simpatico.de) - no problem.

Simpático - spanish acoustic band meets jazz
Simpático - Spanish acoustic band meets jazz.

The little helpers are also there

Honda is also involved in the trend of installing driver assistance systems of the upper class in smaller segments as well. For example, a cruise control system with an intelligent speed limiter including the Collision Warning System (FCW), the City Emergency Brake Assist, the Lane Departure Warning System (LDW), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Light and Rain Sensor, High-Beam Assistant (HSS) and Downhill Assist. The systems are also found in the higher-end models Civic and HR-V as well as CR-V.

No discounter price

The jazz, which is available exclusively as a front-wheel drive, starts from a price of 15.990 Euro. For Honda offers an 1.3-liter i-VTEC petrol engine with 102 PS, Auto Stop function (deactivatable) and for the first time in jazz a six-speed manual transmission. In three trim levels, the little Japanese always presents itself well equipped. The basis "Trend" and the average equipment "Comfort" separate only 1.260 Euro and from there it is only 1.740 Euro up to the top version "Elegance". The gateway to the digital world opens the Honda CONNECT navigation system including Internet access and Honda App Center with an additional charge of 600 Euro. If you want to drive the small car automatically, you have to be satisfied with a CVT transmission at a special price of 1.300 Euro.

General purpose vehicle from Japan
General purpose vehicle from Japan.

At the end...

Honda offers with its small car Jazz the ideal family vehicle with high recreational value. Granted: not always cheap, but with a magical interior and trunk.

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Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC

EngineR4, gasoline
capacity1.318 ccm³
Performance102 hp @ 6.000 rpm
Kraft123 Nm @ 5.000 rpm
gear6-speed manual transmission
drive axlefront-wheel drive
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Length Width Height3.995, 1.694, 1.550 mm
wheelbase2.530 mm
Tare1.138 kg
turning circle10,80 m
top speed190 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h11,4 sec
standard consumption5.1 l / 100 km
[/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Consumption in the test”]
everyday driver6.2 l / 100 km (Diesel)
Eco-expert4.9 l / 100 km
Field service mode6.5 l / 100km

Text and photos: Stefan Beckmann

Many thanks to my fellow musicians Nice for the cooperation to patiently do a photo shoot in the blazing sun even before an appearance.

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