The Honda E - the car of the year 2021

Geneva, Switzerland - March 10, 2019: White compact car Honda e Prototype presented at the annual Geneva International Motor Show 2019.

Perhaps it is still too early to choose the Car of the Year 2021, but as early as October 18 auto journalists voted five cars on the list of the best. Now it became known who the lucky winner is: The Honda E receives the "German Car Award of the Year 2021". The experts had another car as a favorite on their list, but like this year, the winner is again an electric car.

The five contenders

The jury announced its five candidates for the award back in October. Among other things, the VW Golf was in the race as the best vehicle in the compact class up to 50.000 euros. In the luxury class, i.e. cars from 50.000 euros, the Polestar 2 was on the list of the best, also an electric car. The BMW Alpina B3 was available in the Performance class, but the surprising winner in the alternative drive class was the Honda E. Which criteria were important for the jury? The product properties, relevance and sustainability played an important role in the evaluation.

What does the winner offer?

What made the Honda E the winner? What does the small car, which is just under 3,90 meters tall, have that the other cars don't? Maybe it's the retro design that is reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Honda E is offered in two models: a so-called basic version with an output of 100 kilowatts and the Advance model with a powerful 113 kilowatts. The torque in both variants is 315 Newton meters and the car is at 100 km / h in just eight seconds. 

How big is the range?

The top speed is limited to 145 km / h on both models and since both have the same battery, the capacity is 35,5 kilowatt hours. The manufacturer puts the range at around 210 kilometers. The interior is striking with its three displays, which are next to each other and thus occupy the entire dashboard.

Image source: Adobe stockphotos

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