Hyundai Genesis 3.8 - driving report conclusion

Advantages & disadvantages - conclusion:

Page 2 about the driving report on the Hyundai Coupé: [at the beginning]
No matter how much I criticize chassis and steering. First of all, I am grateful to Hyundai. A sporty coupe with a decent engine and rear-wheel drive? That's just terrific.

Is the Genesis Coupé after all an unfortunately dying breed. Everywhere the real sports car engines are replaced by cute downsizing engines and the rear wheel drive made madig by the easier to implement front wheel drive. There may be only one drive variant for a sports car. And front wheel was not.

Assistance systems in the form of lane keeping, crosswind, blind spot, and whatever else you look for in vain, instead you can deactivate the ESP completely. Hyundai is quite serious about positioning itself as a “sports coupe”.


Noble xenon lights, leather seats with heated seats and the air conditioning system, which is mandatory these days, are supplied by Hyundai in series for the version with the V6 power plant. The only extra for the 3.8 Genesis is the eight-speed automatic and the question of whether to order one of the five additional colors.

Priced even cheaper than the 39.600 € in the list standing V6, the 275 PS is strong 2.0 Turbo with four-cylinder engine. This is where the fun starts with 33.490 €.

Conclusion Hyundai Coupe

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[cross list]
  • powerful engine
  • 5 years warranty
  • Complete equipment
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[bad list]
  • Inappropriate chassis
  • Imprecise steering
  • thirsty engine
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The consumption:

  • Everyday driver without a thrifty foot: 11.4 liters per 100 km
  • Eco-expert with a green toe: 9.8 liters per 100 km
  • Field workers with full throttle desire: 16.8 liters per 100 KM
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What fascinated me about the Hyundai Genesis:

  • He looks so wonderfully unpolished and unadjusted. The potent V6 sounds smoky and makes the whole car come alive. 
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Genesis Hyundai V6

That's what I want from the Hyundai Genesis V6 successor:

  • A gearbox with crisp short gearshifts and a suspension that was tested at the Nürburgring.


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Comfort - 13 out of 25 points

[arrow list]
  • Sense of space:  3 of 5 points
  • seating position: 3 out of 6 points
  • Driving noise inside: 3 of 4 points
  • haptics: 3 of 5 points
  • Assistance systems: 1 of 5 points
[/arrowlist][/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

Driving pleasure - 17 out of 25 points

[arrow list]
  • Highway: 3 of 6 points
  • Autobahn: 4 out of 6 points
  • overtaking: 2 of 2 points
  • Acceleration: 4 of 5 points
  • V / max: 4 of 6 points
[/arrowlist] [/one_half] [one_half last=”no”]

Cost - 18 out of 25 points

[arrow list]
  • Purchase: 6 of 6 points
  • Options list:  6 of 6 points
  • Insurance: 2 of 5 points
  • Maintenance: 2 of 3 points
  • Depreciation: 2 of 4 points
[/arrowlist][/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

Drive - 17 out of 25 points 

[arrow list]
  • Engine: 4 of 6 points
  • Transmission: 4 of 5 points
  • brakes: 3 of 5 points
  • Sound inside: 2 of 3 points
  • Consumption: 4 of 6 points
[/arrowlist] [/one_half]

Genesis Hyundai Coupe in motion

The Americans have a name for the relationship between the purchase price of a car and the performance you get for it: “Bang for the buck”. Which means: To get a lot of money for your money. For sporty coupes I will use this indicator in the future also.

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“The bang for the bucks” factor:

[/arrowlist] [/one_half][one_half last=”yes”] [arrowlist]

115 PS / €

[/arrowlist] [/one_half]

Hyundai Genesis grille face

Total score: 65 / 100 points

Hyundai Genesis V6 3.8- the conclusion:

 Sports coupe at a fair price

He leaves a two-part impression with me.

For one thing, I like the basic idea of ​​Genesis, because it offers a lot of power at a very attractive purchase price. On the other hand, Genesis is not as emotional and mature as I would have liked. However, the success of Koreans in the German market is also not dependent on this sporty coupe, but rather on models such as the Hyundai i30 and the i40.

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe in the driving report on evocars


Many thanks to the car manufacturer for providing the test vehicle!
Text / Photo: Bjoern Habegger | | 2013 |  by-nc-nd
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