Hyundai expands Genesis family - with full steam against BMW and Mercedes

In March 2016, Hyundai gave a look at the design language of the sub-brand with the Genesis Concept at the New York Auto Show

Hyundai wants to expand the noble sub-brand Genesis. This emerges from plans that the website TheKoreanCarBlog leaked. Accordingly, five more premium vehicles are to be added to the already well-known luxury class model G90 by 2020. In addition to two sedans below the G90, two SUV models and a sports coupe are also planned.

Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan have shown the way and, with Lexus and Infiniti, each established completely new luxury brands to secure a piece of the lucrative premium market. That Hyundai is pursuing similar plans is not entirely new. Both the now discontinued Genesis Coupé and the BMW 7 Series opponent G90 were announced as harbingers of a larger Genesis family.

The plan for the model offensive leaked on TheKoreanCarBlog shows very clearly which other members the Genesis family will grow by. By 2017, two more sedans are to follow, which will then be called the G80 and G70. While the well-known G90 is located in the upper class, the G80 should compete as a 5-seater in the upper middle class, while the G70 will function as a middle class sedan as a 3-seater counterpart. In March 2016, the Genesis Concept study shown in New York gave a clear indication of the design of the upcoming Genesis limousines.

The G90 is already a model of the Hyundai sub-brand Genesis in Germany
The G90 is already a model of the Hyundai sub-brand Genesis in Germany

In addition to the two limousines, the Korean carmaker plans to position two SUV models in the premium segment. Corresponding role models can also be found here at German manufacturers. So the two Genesis SUVs are very likely to compete against the BMW X5 and X3. Model names for these SUVs have not yet been revealed. Possibly the big SUV planned for 2018 will be called XG80, the smaller model planned for 2020 at the latest could be called XG70.

As icing on the cake, Hyundai also plans to position a coupe in the upscale luxury segment by 2020. This sporty two-door will probably be somewhere between the Z4 and 6er.

Anyone who knows the Koreans will have little doubt that these plans will be implemented almost exactly in this form and within the planned timeframe. Presumably, the Genesis models will not quite reach the quality level of German competitors in some details, but are recommended as an attractive alternative to models from Mercedes, BMW and Audi in terms of price. The exciting question remains to what extent Hyundai will offer the Genesis models in Europe and how successful the Koreans will be with them. For the role models Lexus and Infiniti, the balance sheet has so far been sobering. The G2015, which has been available in Germany since 90, is also an exception so far.
(Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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