Hyundai Grand Santa Fe - Separation

He is the flagship of the SUV range of Koreans: The Hyundai Grand Santa Fe. To give him more of his smaller brother, the Santa Fe without the addition of "Grand" stands out, Hyundai donated him now a model care. Not only the design was touched, but also the comfort features as well as an increase of the efficiency. It starts at just 48.000 Euro.

The Hyundai Grand Sante Fe is said to have become more economical. Its 2.2 liter diesel, which basically has a gently shifting 6-speed automatic machine and electronically controlled all-wheel drive, was supplemented by an automatic start-stop system. Equipped in this way, the consumption and emissions of the 200 hp SUV should be reduced by up to eight percent.

Hyundai Santa Fe Facelift Model Care 2016 My Car Blog (2)
A stately appearance: the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

More obvious than this technical extension are the optical adjustments. The facelift of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe comes up with a new front section. The Koreans have adapted the hexagonal grill, which reflects the Hyundai family DNA. There are also new LED fog lights and a revised underride guard, which is intended to show the separation from the "normal" Santa Fe. In addition, new 18- and 19-inch light-alloy wheels were introduced, while the side skirts with their hint of aluminum protection form a fitting conclusion to the revision.

Technically, a radar-based Auffahrwarner added to the facelift of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe. The latter not only registers vehicles in front, but also pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road. First there are acoustic signals followed by visual warnings. If there is no reaction from the driver, the SUV initiates emergency braking. On the one hand, the new camera system with 360 degree all-round visibility, which provides a bird's eye view from above, ensures safety during parking and maneuvering. On the other donated Hyundai the SUV flagship a revised parking assistant. In order to enjoy optimal vision at night, the Grand Santa Fe also received a high-beam assistant for its bi-xenon headlights. And those who do not like being stuck in a traffic jam will enjoy the navigation system with TomTom services and congestion avoidance. Incidentally, the system should always be the latest maps After all, Hyundai has recently been updating those on its models for free. That sounds like an all-round carefree package.


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